Rumor Mill: Is M•A•C Coming to Ulta Beauty Stores? + New Releases

Have you heard this one? There’s a buzz that M•A•C Cosmetics are soon going to be available at Ulta Beauty, and I just found out the truth!

They are! Yes, yes, yes! One of the most respected professional cosmetics brands will now be available in one of the biggest beauty stores across the country.

Yes, M•A•C is coming to Ulta Beauty stores!

Beginning in May 2017, M•A•C will officially be available at, and it begins hitting stores in June 2017. Over the course of 2017, 100 Ulta stores will offer M•A•C’s most iconic and popular products. The entire collection won’t be there, but there are so many iconic products that they’ll definitely have an abundant variety in their offerings.

My favourite Mac products

Some popular MAC products – not sure if these will be included in the curated selection at Ulta.

M•A•C is basically new territory for me. Due to its previously elusive nature, I found it out of reach and generally out of my budget. That didn’t stop my girlfriends and I from going to the M•A•C counter in the mall and getting our faces done by the makeup artists on staff, though! We’d end up buying some products every time because, well, they’re generally pretty damn good, and in commission-based cases, it’s appropriate AF.

As far as what I know about the brand – well, it’s what all of the girls in high school who did badass makeup used, then it was basically the Official Makeup Brand of Runways, and I didn’t even hear criticism about M•A•C until the last few years.

In addition to that delightful news, M•A•C has some other exciting stuff going on that’s highly worth mentioning.

Lipglass Gets a Makeover

Recently, M•A•C gave their best-selling lip gloss a makeover. It was time to bring Lipglass into the modern age. Just to sweeten the deal, they expanded the line adding even more shades and shimmers to the lineup.

Now the lip gloss you know and love comes in a saucy double-walled tube. They will be available in the new packaging on March 23, 2017.

A bonus? M•A•C is giving you a chance to snap up Lipglass in its old packaging for only $9.60!

The Next #FutureForward Collaboration Products are Stunning

Maybe this makes me a nerd, but one of the most exciting parts of the beauty industry is the collaborations. Any time two creative superheroes get together to create something for consumers is exciting. Remember 2013’s Deborah Lippmann collab with HBO’s Girls or Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction from 2014?

M•A•C recently released three new collaborations with three female musicians, calling the collection FutureForward. Each woman is from a different country and has a completely different sound, influence, and style.

Justine Skye – USA

Justine Skye is a R&B artist from Brooklyn who has been in the music game for years. I remember reading about her a few years ago, and I’m not surprised she’s making big moves in beauty because she’s a treat for the eyes. Her signature product is a beautiful purple iridescent powder with a pink sheen ($27). She’s got it all over her cheeks in the promotional photo and it’s going to be incredibly hard to resist…

Available on April 13 in the USA, May 25 internationally.

Dua Lipa – UK

Dua Lipa is a singer based in London, and her signature FutureForward collection product is a Cremesheen Lipglass ($17). The base is clear and and multi-pearl flecks add a cool, dimensional shimmer.

Available on May 25 in the USA, July 6 internationally.

Lee Hi – South Korea

Lee Hi made herself into a K-pop superstar after being named runner up in the first season of SBS’ K-Pop Star. I’m guessing she’s not to upset about her “loss.” Her product is a rich, matte, red lipstick ($17).

Available on June 29 in the USA, August 10 internationally.

If you thought this old-school makeup favorite was getting left behind in this new world of beauty, think again!

What’s your favorite M•A•C Cosmetics product?

Probably watching Netflix.