Dedicated: Taobao Buying Agents at Superbuy

If you consider yourself a super shopper and aren’t familiar with Superbuy – you’d better sit down. It’s time to take your extreme shopping skills to the global level, and Taobao Agents will hook you up. Shop the famous Taobao site without experiencing difficulties that you might when shopping on other international websites. The buying agent will help you connect with your favorite Asian products in the blink of an eye!

For a little bit of background, Taobao is China’s largest online super store. It was founded by the Alibaba group – speaking of gigantic Asian superstores – and provides products to people all over the world. Seriously, this site is huge! With over 760 million listings, it’s easy to see why North Americans and the rest of the world is curious about shopping there.

In addition to being new and exciting, shopping on Taobao through an agent has several benefits! Not only can a buying agent help to translate some the Chinese website into English for you, but they receive your packages before you to check for accuracy and safety before sending it onwards. This alleviates a huge stressor when shopping internationally.

Brands and wholesalers can also sell on Taobao from anywhere. Just like the shopping program, Superbuy offers the 1688 Buying Agent for companies looking to sell through Taobao.

Shopping Through an Agent: What’s It Like?

On Taobao, you can buy products directly from the manufacturer which contributes to the incredibly low prices. Sometimes, bartering is actually an option when purchasing a product from a brand. After all, haggling is the coupon code of history. Don’t worry if it makes you nervous, a Taobao buying agent will actually negotiate the price on your behalf if your request it.

If you’re a collector of anime or just love a particular publication that’s only available in Asia, check Taobao! They might have everything you’re looking for. Don’t worry about the package getting damaged, either. The Taobao agent will receive the package first and make sure that all of your merchandise is nicely packaged and safe for travel. Delicate magazines and anime comic books can easily fold if they aren’t packaged correctly. Having a buying agent is just another layer of confidence when shopping online.

As a New Shopper, What Should I Buy on Taobao?

The easy answer to this question is “anything you want.” The longer, harder answer depends on what it is that you’re looking for.

Obviously, the best things to buy are items you can’t get here! Asia is full of leading fashion locations and China is ahead of the style curve in many ways. Beauty brands, licensed products, and fashionable clothing is all available on the site. We just don’t have these designs in the states! Handbags, sunglasses, shoes… You can get lost in the pages of Taobao easily once you start looking into fashion.

And the prices are incredible. You will be dizzy with lust over the style and the price of the prices on Taobao. Best of all, you can search for the products directly through Superbuy or your buying agent.

Start collecting your favorite items in a wish list, then give a shopping agent a try! Taobao is only getting bigger with more wonderful products. With this much quality assurance thanks to the buying agents at Superbuy, there’s no reason not to give it a shot!

Have you ever used a buying agent to shop on Taobao? Tell us in the comments! 

Probably watching Netflix.