Two New UK Drugstore Beauty Brands are Now Available in the USA

It’s the British Invasion all over again, except this time it’s not music or affordable UK fashion this time, it’s affordable UK makeup.

Have you noticed that a lot of new, affordable beauty brands are popping up in makeup stores across the USA? Well, there’s a good chance that they aren’t “new” brands, but are actually brands from the UK. They’re here, they’re oddly good, and they mean business.

Recently, two brands have popped up in stores in the USA: Sleek MakeUP and Models Own.

UK Brands at Ulta: Sleek MakeUP

Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette, $14.99

Sleek MakeUP nearly broke the internet last year when they released their wildly popular Solstice highlight palette. US beauty enthusiasts were bummed out because they couldn’t get it stateside until Sleek introduced international shipping on their website. Now, you just have to stroll to or to pick it up.

Along with their perfectly timed product releases that breathe new life into existing beauty trends, the packaging on Sleek Makeup products is downright sexy. Shiny, minimalist metal cases in a few different finishes are a very classy addition to a makeup drawer, and I appreciate the packability.

Sleek offers an impressive number of eyeshadow palettes featuring about 12 generous eyeshadow pans. In addition to seven eyeshadow palettes, there are two blush palettes (three shades per palette), three contour & conceal palettes, and a total of three highlighter palettes, similar to and including the Solstice palette above.

Sleek MakeUP Price Range: $11.99-$15.99

UK Brands at Ulta: Models Own

The number of Models Own products at Ulta is much, much larger than that of Sleek. For a budget brand, Models Own has an impressive offering – highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, primers, powders, brows…

Models Own Rockstar Eyeshadow Palette, $17.99

Models Own gives off a more playful, youthful vibe, but don’t underestimate the performance. Their packaging is light and bright, with holographic foil letters and pastel accents. The prices are incredibly good, especially given the quality of the products. I’ve actually tried four products (eyeliner, bronzer stick, eyeshadow palette, and liquid lipstick) and they’ve all become mainstays in my makeup kit.

One special item I caught a glimpse of on Ulta that had me piqued: Models Own Lip Sealer. For $8.99 per bottle, you can waterproof and transfer-proof any lipstick you have – liquid, cream, whatever. Clever!

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I’ll do a full review of all the Models Own products I’ve tried, but for now I can tell you that the liquid lipsticks are really good, the bronzer stick is very nice if you know how to use bronzer (I do not), and the dual-ended eyeliner is one of my favorites. The fact that I can now go swatch what might be my future favorite brand at Ulta makes me very, very happy.

Models Own Price Range: $6.99 to $19.99

Have you tried either of these brands – Sleek MakeUP or Models Own? Tell us in the comments!