Soaking Up the Sun For Less: Keeping Your Family Vacation on Budget

A vacation never sounds like a bad idea and that goes likewise for plush accommodations. However, abiding by your vacation wishes can soon drain your budget. That’s why it pays to know how to soak up the sun for less. Stay loyal to your vacation budget by doing the following to save.

Stay Within Reason

Some can afford to travel to South Africa for a month and others need to save the entire year to take the kids to a shore town for a few days. Stay within reason whatever your economic position. Even those who can ‘afford’ luxury accommodations should distinguish between a need and a want. You can save by choosing modest accommodations, activities, eateries, etc.

Get More People to Go

Many travelers save by inviting friends and family members on the adventure. Think how the Groupon business model works. You can find discounts to eateries and activities based on the number of people in your party. Three may be a crowd but four or more can put money back in every person’s pocket.

Cook at Your Place

It’s more practical to eat at your place if you rent a home or apartment, yet you can go to a local grocery store, gather to-go food, and eat in your hotel room or the lobby as well. Even ordering room service is likely to be cheaper than going out to eat every night. See about in-room or on-site cooking options at the Marriott, Crystal Towers.

Scale Back on Drinks

Going out to eat is expensive but the price of the bill can get exorbitant for those who order alcohol. You can virtually double the bill or more when you order wine or cocktails. Therefore, scale back on how many drinks you order. Otherwise, don’t be shy about asking bartenders and servers about drink specials before ordering a drink.

Use Discounts

You may have rewards coming to you from your credit card vendor, AAA, or due to frequent traveler miles. Don’t blindly pay full price for your plane tickets, hotel room, or transportation. Inquire about getting a discount for using the same services throughout your trip and ongoing deals.

Stay Hydrated

Keep a water bottle with you during your journey. The traveling can make you dehydrated, plus people often mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking plenty of water will help you feel energized and saves money and added calories by needlessly eating and snacking.

Don’t Underestimate Distances

How far is it from the airport to your hotel? Your hotel may offer shuttle services, a benefit for those who otherwise have to pay a hefty cab fee. Don’t underestimate distances or assume your airport is adjacent to your metropolitan destination.

Get Outside the City

You may want your home base to be near a big city or main attraction, but you don’t have to stay there the entire time. Paying associated prices at nearby restaurants and shops will quickly drain your budget. Get out to the rural part of the area or the suburbs to save.

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