Spring Fashion Wish List from Quiz Clothing

My love for fashion seems to hibernate over the winter. The cold temperatures and lack of people to feast their eyes on whatever unrelatable outfit is hiding under my gigantic coat makes for a pretty lacklustre inspirational experience. But then, spring hits and it’s like I’m finding street style for the first time and breaking free of my puffer coat cocoon.

That’s why you’re seeing me blab on and on about florals.Is it the extended daylight hours? I have to admit that my clothes look way better when light is bouncing off of them. I’m ready to go outside again and I’m ready to put some effort into my appearance. On top of that, for the first time in 3+ months, I’m excited about fashion.

The UK-based brand, Quiz Clothing, recently unleashed a ton of new spring fashion, and they challenged me to get in touch with my springy side. After spending a couple of hours (not even gonna lie about it) in their web shop, I have managed to amass a wish list that’s longer than my Costco shopping list. (That’s long.) Fortunately, I have whittled it down to my favorite spring fashion pieces, and as usual, they’re all pretty darn affordable.

My Spring Picks from Quiz Clothing

See? The bliss of spring is making me into a person who wants to wear a ruched mesh two-piece. This year, I’m feeling a little bit extra. I’ve spent a few years investing in a healthy supply of comfortable clothes that look good, but I think I’m ready to be shoved and physically manipulated into some fashion again.

Also rekindled: my eye for jewelry. Quiz has a bunch of really affordable necklaces that I can’t stop thinking about. Rose gold bandana, anyone?

I don’t have any chokers, okay? You have to start building your vast, expansive, living-in-the-past choker collection somewhere. These chokers are pretty much the only necklaces I would ever need, if I had all of them. I have my ostentatious Carson Kressley hanky, a unicorn chain mail choker, a basic charm choker, and a neutral but beautiful pattern. Perfect.

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I highly encourage you to take a couple of minutes to root around Quiz’s website. Quiz Clothing is based in the UK but will deliver to the US, it will just take 3-10 business days and cost about $12. If you’re already in the UK, shipping is mega-fast and you can get free shipping pretty easily!

Check out Quiz’s New Spring Fashion Arrivals!

Thanks to Quiz for sponsoring this post!