Style on a Shoestring: How to Add a Quirky Touch to Your Winter Wardrobe When You’re on a Budget

If you want to pack a powerful fashion punch without spending a ton of cash, you’ll need to know how about how to incorporate a few quirks into your winter wardrobe. In the interest of style on a shoestring, we are pleased to present the following tricks and tips about affordable cold weather fashion.

Luscious layering

Start with a sleek layer. Slip on a thin camisole made with natural fibers such as silk or cotton and panties made of the same. Pull on a pair of wool tights or leggings. Better yet, opt for a pair of narrow ‘cigarette’ slacks. You’ll maintain your slim look while adding a layer of lovely layer of warmth retention.

The next layer involves your feet. Winter is no time to wander barefoot, and you’ll want to make sure your feet are well insulated. Choose cable knit boot socks from BCS Boutique and add a cute boot topper for added flirt and flair.

The Style Visitor in burgundy pants and silver platforms.

On non-snow days, a buttoned up boyfriend shirt and sporty cardigan may be all you need to keep you comfortable. Still, you’ll want to have a warm winter coat for super chilly days and nights. For maximum coziness in cold climes, select a woolen overcoat that covers your knees. Shop resale boutiques and consignment stores to find a fashionable coat at a fraction of the cost of brand-new.

If you want to transform a used piece into something uniquely your own, invest a few bucks in some amazing buttons and switch them for the buttons that came on the garment, suggests Business Insider magazine. It’s a surprisingly simple way to maximize your wardrobe without shelling out a lot of cash.

Don’t bust your budget

Browse fashion magazines as the mercury begins to drop, and you’re sure to see plenty of wonderful winter garb you’d love to wear but can’t afford. For instance, Elle has a great piece about layering that features a perfect pair of over-the-knee boots that cost (wait for it) nearly $800. If that’s beyond your budget, don’t give up. There are easier -and more affordable- ways to pull your winter wardrobe together.

Express your singular style

Refresh your favorite lace-up boots with new laces in outrageous colors. Shoelaces are so cheap, you can wear a new color every day in wintertime, if you wish. Scrounge your grandma’s jewelry box to find old cufflinks to wear as lapel pins. Mismatched cufflinks may be worn singly or as an eclectic group to add one-of-a-kind interest to your winter coats. Wear flirty socks that peek up over the tops of your boots. Tuck a fresh flower into the band of your fedora.

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Shop your closet to pull together outfits you may not have considered before. Get together with your girlfriends and have a clothing exchange. You’ll all go home with something new without spending anything but time with your friends. Be creative, don’t bust the bank, and have a wonderful winter.