From Subtle to Shocking – 6 Tips For Making Your Birthday Celebration Memorable

There are very few more socially awkward events than the poorly-planned birthday party.

It brings to mind a sad little soiree I was invited to some years ago, where the host answered the door in full costume–slight problem–he forgot to mention the fancy dress part to his guests.  He also neglected to organise any form of catering other than a few bowls of chips and the only entertainment we could muster was to splinter off into groups and formulate plans of escape.

By 9pm, many guests had fallen into a stupor and at one point the phone rang and an elderly guest with a weak heart had to be taken home…he was one of the lucky ones…

On a more serious note, if you are going to impose on the weekend of friends and relatives by throwing a party, make it a celebration worth remembering.  People want to enjoy themselves and are usually more than willing to participate in fun ideas.

Snap happy

A photo booth is the perfect welcome to any celebration.

This is especially so if guests are in costume or when you want to set a mood of playful fun. One suggestion I can personally recommend is Snappy Photobooths in Sydney.  They have a wide and diversified range of booths which allow for:

  • Group shots
  • Easy transportation and movement
  • Video messaging
  • Guestbooks
  • Instant social media connectivity
  • Personalisation capability
  • Digital photo strips
  • Dedicated attendant to streamline the experience

Big toys for big kids

Let’s face it, we are all just big kids and nothing could be more fun than allowing adults to let their hair down and play.  Consider the following ideas:

  • Bucking bull
  • Jukebox or arcade game hire
  • Games such as pictionary or burst the balloon
  • Giant twister
  • Limbo stick

Sing Sing

If there was ever an icebreaker for a party, Karaoke must be it.

Cheap Karaoke machines can be purchased or hired along with ‘disco’ style lighting.  Set aside an hour or so later in the evening for guests who love to sing, not to mention those who will have built up a little dutch courage by then…

Spicing things up

Parties which feature a theme decade are always a hit with guests and allows you to target music towards a specific era such as the 70’s or 80’s–ideally set this by the demographic of your guests.

For adult parties, naughty themes and costumes are always a hit with broadminded guests.  Alternatively, why not suggest guests come as a version of you–perhaps your younger self, or the age you were when you first met them.  The more creative – the more fun!

Taking it outside

For those looking for something a little further up the cost chain, consider the luxury of a river or harbour cruise.  Major capital cities will have numerous companies offering deluxe packages including catering and entertainment, to delight and charm your guests.

Beach parties are a summer favourite and bring a relaxed, family atmosphere to any event.  Take along the volleyball and net, just in case.

Saying goodbye

For those turning a milestone age such as 40, consider holding a wake for your younger self.  Decorate rooms with photos of you and your guests from earlier days and celebrate the passing of youth–tongue in cheek of course!

There are a multitude of marvellous ways to make a birthday one that both you and your guests will remember and laugh about for years to come.  Why not try a combination of the above ideas to break the ice and get the party jumping?

The best way to create a fun and successful party? Don’t overthink it and don’t stress.  It’s your party–enjoy yourself and others will follow suit.