SUGARFIX is BaubleBar’s Jewelry Line at Target

Target’s jewelry section has seen a major upgrade this year. If you’ve been by in the last six months, you’ve probably noticed a new line of affordable jewelry on the scene. The label responsible for the statement cuffs, chokers, rings, and earrings that you see is SUGARFIX, a BaubleBar brand exclusive to Target.

As we well know, BaubleBar is known for offering affordable and glamorous jewelry, but SUGARFIX is even less expensive with just as much design power as BaubleBar. The big ticket items roll in at $29.99. Yes, that means every piece of jewelry is under $30 with the average price resting around $14.99.

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar: Affordable Jewelry at Target

Similar to other Target partnerships like WhoWhatWear, BaubleBar and SUGARFIX release a new selection of products monthly to keep the style fresh and interesting. While you can always shop online, there are also 900 Target stores nationwide that offer the SUGARFIX jewelry line.

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In addition to a ton of dangling, dramatic earrings like the ones above, SUGARFIX has droves of minimalist pieces, pearl necklaces, rhinestones, and silver to choose from. Lariat necklaces and simple chains are a personal favorite of mine for days when I need to feel fancy, but don’t want to be too flashy or weigh myself down.

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If you’ve been waiting to get onboard the 90s choker bandwagon but are waiting for them to calm down in design, try one from this line. SUGARFIX has really cute, understated chokers that appeal to a wide audience of accessory lovers, and they don’t scream “I’m trying to relive my teenage years.” (See: a spiral choker made from silver metal instead of weird plastic fishing line.)

Pearls and rhinestones are abundant in SUGARFIX’s more ostentatious offerings. I am a big fan of bib necklaces and SUGARFIX’s layered, bejeweled pieces are definitely calling to me. But if I had to pick one piece to buy, it would be the necklaces at the top of their price range: the chest plate necklace.

SUGARFIX Amazon Dark Silver Bib Necklace, $29.99

Previously, BaubleBar has collaborated with Target on a line of tech accessories, and worked with big luxury retailers like Nordstrom on smaller collections. This is the first time Baublebar has created a less expensive line specifically for a big box store like this, and it seems to be popular! They’ve been putting out jewelry since January 2017 and we definitely hope they continue.

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