“Super” Cute Workout Gear from Her Universe x DC Comics x Kohl’s

Yes, there is now a women’s activewear line inspired by three legendary DC comic superheroes: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. The designs are awesome, the prices are affordable, and the sizes are available in standard and plus sizes (XS-3X). As a bonus, pieces from the collection are all on sale right now at Kohl’s.

Her Universe is one of the best designers of fangirl merchandise. Basically, they are changing the game so that the super-nerds and geek girls don’t have to settle for men’s sizes in order to get cool designs that relate to their favorite fandoms. They don’t just come up with great screenprint ideas, either. I’m talking full, head-to-toe fashion designs with interesting construction and high wearability.

This is Her Universe’s second collection for Kohl’s. Each DC superhero’s line comes with a jacket, a sports bra, at least two sets of leggings, three or more tanks, and some extras.

Her Universe x DC Comics x Kohl’s Activewear

The line launched on April 3rd and is available online and in-stores at Kohl’s now.

Everything retails for less than $60 which is freaking awesome, and I don’t know how long it’s currently on sale, but everything is less than $35 right now. Some extra-special Wonder Woman things will be launching on May 1st in preparation for the Wonder Woman film release in June. That film will be the first solo movie about a female superhero in over 10 years! (The last one was Elektra in 2005 aaaaand everybody pretty much hated it.)

Wonder Woman Lattice Sports Bra, $26 $17.99
Wonder Woman Long Sleeve Performance Jacket, $48 $32.99
Wonder Woman High Shine Capri Leggings, $36 $24.99

Wonder Woman Shield Graphic Tank, $28 $18.99
Wonder Woman Graphic Print Capri Leggings, $36 $24.99
Wonder Woman Lattice Sports Bra, $26 $17.99

The Wonder Woman line is full of rich, ruby reds and maroons with gold accents, glossy fabrics, and of course, the famous logo of its namesake. There is a cool cage bra design in a couple different fabrics, and she also has an awesome track jacket in two color schemes. Two different pairs of high-waist leggings are available, too, the most notable of which is the high-shine capri seen above.

Wonder Woman has the best jacket, as far as my personal preferences go, and I’m really stoked about the use of patterns in the line.

Batman “Fighting Crime” Activewear Tank, $28 $18.99
Batman Shattered Glass Print Capri Leggings, $36 $24.99

Batman Mesh I Am the Knight Bomber Jacket, $48 $32.99
Batman Shattered Glass Sports Bra, $26 $17.99
Batman Shattered Glass Print Capri Leggings, $36 $24.99

Batman’s garb is predictably grayscale with lots of black and a recurring pattern resembling a glass shard mosaic and a good dose of mesh. It definitely looks very Batman, and that’s definitely very cool. Mr. Wayne is fortunate to have one of the most badass logos across all of the superhero universes, so seeing it on the chest of a really kickass bomber jacket with fishnet sleeves is pretty damn tempting. Two sets of leggings are available, one with the shattered glass pattern and the other has really interesting mesh insets and cut-outs. The sports bra for the Batman line is a high-neck, high coverage design that probably offers some real-live support!

Superman Galaxy Print Jacket, $55 $37.99
Superman Mesh Inset Leggings, $36 $24.99

Superman “Sore Today” Active Tank, $28 $18.99
Superman Galaxy Print Capri Leggings, $36 $24.99
 Superman Split Back Graphic Tank, $28 $18.99
Superman Galaxy Print Shorts, $24 $15.99

Superman’s line is blue, blue, blue with – you guessed it – pops of red. The jacket in this line is more of a jogging jacket that repels water and offers some wind-breaking action. Both sets of leggings in the Superman theme are blue and swirly, one has mesh insets that are actually pretty sexy. I really love the sports bra in the Superman line (not pictured because I suck). It’s retro and truly feels like Superman to me. I really like the pieces in this clothing line, but I wouldn’t actually buy them for myself. That shade of blue isn’t my favorite, and the galaxy print isn’t doing it for me.

One piece I love in the Superman line is the tank with a bright red, split, dip-hem in the back. Now I can have a cape on the treadmill! It just feels natural.

Her Universe really went all out on the multiple-options-for-each-superhero thing. It made for a lot of different products to keep track of, but as a consumer, it’s really exciting to have options within options.

PS – the woman behind Her Universe is actress & entrepreneur, Ashley Eckstein. This girl knows how to work, you guys. In fact, she’s a member of the DC family, voicing Cheetah in the animated show, DC Super Hero Girls. She even came up with a 5 minute workout inspired by each of the three heroes depicted in the line.

Oh, and she’s the beautiful blonde who is kicking ass in every one of these promotional photos. Great job with the convincing me I need all of it thing, Ashley! You are kind of nailing it.

Check out the Her Universe x Kohl’s superhero collections on Kohls.com while supplies last!

Which collection is your favorite? Which DC superheroes do you wish were included in the offerings?

Probably watching Netflix.

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