Take 15% Off (Almost) All Tarte Cosmetics

Earlier this morning, I stumbled upon a little 15% off coupon code for Tarte Cosmetics that I had to pass along!

The code DREAM15 will give you 15% off of almost all of the Tarte products on their website! I wish I knew when it expired, but I was just cruising around Dealspotr and before I knew it, I was saving 15% on some amazing beauty products.

Let’s get the hardest part out of the way first. Yes, it’s about Shape Tape. I know half of you are here because of Shape Tape, so you’d better have a seat for this.

A warning for beauty junkies who are on the quest to fill their pantry with Tarte Shape Tape lest it become discontinued: it’s not included in the sale. I don’t know why, I threw it in my cart and a little red asterisk appeared letting me know that the promotion wouldn’t cover it. And so it remains… $25 and full price. Sad.

But for the lovers of Tarte Cosmetics whose passion extends beyond the miracle spackle that is Shape Tape, you’re about to have the best day ever. I definitely am! Mostly, it’s because I might actually get to use maybe the best mascara I’ve ever used in my life – Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes – again after a two years without it. (My aversion to paying retail prices is strong.)

The OG Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara & LE Packaging, Lights Camera Flashes which is ultra black, are available as well as the waterproof version, Tarte Lights Camera Splashes. I know. I’m suffocated with cleverness. These are all $19.55 after the coupon! (Reg. $23)

makeup blush packaging tarte cosmetics

Lately, I’ve been using this Tarte Colored Clay Bronzer Blush in Peach Bronze to make my skin look like it does something other than spontaneously combust when the sun hits it. This functions as both a bronzer and a blush. Personally, I just take my biggest, fluffiest brush and smoosh that stuff all over the perimeter of my face and blend it out. Works for me! This coupon will take $4.50 off so this gigantic compact is only $25.50. (Reg. $30)

Tarte Cosmetics have been all over the blogs that cover viral beauty trends because, well, they’re trying really hard to compete with the newer, trendier brands. They’re launching a new product or a new collection seemingly every other week, and it’s becoming impossible to keep up. Thank goodness for YouTube Beauty Gurus to just tell me what everything is, why it’s holographic, how it works on my face, and whether or not it’s a joke. Seriously, you guys, it’s getting tough to tell these days.

Unicorn brushes aside – oh, I mean magic wand brushes (uh huh.), there actually are some new products that have caught my eye in a good way.

Recently, Tarte released a confusingly-titled Rainforest of the Sea collection of makeup and skincare. As far as skincare goes, I’m gonna stick with my longtime companions and drugstore brands, but the cosmetics are intriguing.

There’s an entire line of very hydrating Colorsplash longwear lipsticks ($17 each) that are getting really good reviews now that liquid lipsticks have ruined everyone’s lips. The packaging is beyond beautiful and clearly a lot of time and thought has been put into it. The water-based Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation ($33.15) is alluring, too, but I have too many bottles to go through.

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I also have a major soft spot for the Tarte Tarteist collection. Yeah, I don’t know who comes up with the names for these, but they’re pretty … out there. I’m not sure there has been a more phonetically-unclear word than “tarteist.” Tart-EEST? Tart-IST? Tar-TEE-stay? Where are we going with this, Tarte?

Anyway, the Tarteist collection is very bold and color-focused. It includes some of Tarte’s major hero products like the Tarte Tarteist Clay Eyeliner which comes with a beautiful angled liner brush. ($20.40)

I’ve never used a cream eyeliner, and I’ve definitely never used an eyeliner that came out of a lip gloss tube. The design is sort of genius, though, and the combo of that tube and that brush make me want an insanely dramatic cat eye ASAP.

RED ALERT: The gold and silver version of the Tarte (Metallic!) Clay Eyeliner are on sale for $17, but after the coupon, it’s only $14.45!

Other potential Tarte Cosmetics sale purchases:

1. Tarte Tarteist PRO Eye Jewels Glitter Liner in Gold, $10.20 (Reg. $24)
Remember when I got all infatuated with glitter eyeliner? I featured this Tarteist Pro Glitter Liner and now, both the gold color and the silver color are on sale for $12. That means, after the coupon, it’s just over $10. Yeah. Really. Go. Now.

2. grav3yardgirl x Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Texas Toast, $17 (Reg. $20)
Ever since I saw this color, it’s been on my mind. I’m a sucker for purple-grey shades like this. It’s such a unique shade, too!

3. Tarte Limited Edition Tarteist PRO Magnetic Palette, $14.45 (Reg. $17)
If you’re looking to replace your old magnetic palette with a new one, or you’ve just pressed all of your loose indie shadows and need more space – this is perfect. $15 is a great deal for a magnetic palette and this one will hold a couple dozen shadows, at least!

4. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette, $30.60 (Reg. $36)
This is a stunning package full of equally stunning eyeshadow shades. Mostly purple, beige, and brown families are represented, but those shades are flattering on pretty much every eye color. I love the gigantic mirror in this compact. The packaging from Rainforest of the Sea products is so soft and pretty.

5. Tarte Tarteist Little Lash Helper, $11.90 (Reg. $14) http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-tarteist-PRO-little-lash-helper-lash-applicator
If you’re a regular false lash wearer, you need to try these. These little customized tweezers allow you to safely hold the lashes in a way that’s less likely to damage them, and applying them is quick and confident. If you are a super lash junkie, you might also want to pick up this lash storage container (which is genius).

It only takes $40 to get free shipping, and you even get some free beauty samples with your order! I hope you pick up some goodies from this sale! Leave your favorite Tarte products in the comments.