Target’s 12 Days of Beauty Faves Advent Calendar is Half Off!

Did you see how many incredibly cool, beauty-focused advent calendars there were this year? What a brilliant idea! I hope that trend carries through next year, because there’s nothing better than getting a surprise beauty gift every single day for a couple of weeks. Target’s 12 Days of Beauty Faves advent calendar is 50% off now that the holidays are over, and that makes it only $12.49. And hey – I have no shame in my buying-advent-calendars-on-sale-after-new-years game. 12 days of surprises is 12 days of surprises no matter what time of year it is!

Target 12 Days of Beauty Faves Advent Calendar, $24.99 $12.49


I don’t know if I’ll ever lose my love for opening surprise things. Doesn’t really matter what, if it’s a surprise butter knife, I’m excited to find out about it. The 12 Days of Beauty Faves Advent Calendar is even more fun, though, because it actually has things that I want in it. Usually, I have to look through coupons at Voucher shops in order to get this good of a deal.

Spoiler alert for people who actually want to get this and be surprised! The link is above, just squint really hard and get to that “add to cart” button. For those of you who are physically incapable of waiting to see what’s behind each of those doors – here you go:

They’ve got every base covered, even nails and makeup brushes! Some great brands are featured in this set, including Burt’s Bees, Acure, Pixi by Petra, Nexxus, and one of my true favorite drugstore brands, NYX Cosmetics.

Skincare and beauty products are both included in the Advent Calendar, but it’s definitely heavy on the skincare. Several skin lotions, moisturizers, and tonics are included while there are only two items that contain actual pigment. But that’s okay, this is beauty!  These aren’t just leftover beauty products that Target scraped together from the unwanted bins, either. These are truly best-selling products!

The Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic is one of the most heralded skin products of 2016. Having never tried it, myself, I can’t speak to its performance, but I know that it’s a 5% glycolic acid solution (a healthy-skin AHA) that also contains aloe vera, which upset skin loves. I also know that the full-size of that 0.5 fl.oz. product costs more than this entire set of 12 beauty products. You can’t watch a 2016 Beauty Favorites video on YouTube without seeing the Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic!

The other product I’m most excited about is the Umberto Beverly Hills Lifting Powder, which comes in a generous sample size. I have a lot of hair, and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with, so simple products like a lifting powder can really go a long way with my hair – especially after a couple days after a washing when things, like my roots, start to go south.

Hair products are actually pretty well-represented in this beauty set, which is kind of rare, as far as I’ve seen. Hair brands and products tend to kind of stick to their own kind, but it’s cool to see them included. It makes this 12-piece set into a really well-rounded beauty gift.

Oh – gift! This would make an awesome gift for someone who doesn’t care that it’s clearly meant to be opened before Christmas. I certainly wouldn’t – it’s 12 great products no matter how you package it up.

Grab the 12 Days of Beauty Faves Advent Calendar from Target, $24.99 $12.99

Probably watching Netflix.