Dedicated: Tips To Look Like Your Favourite Celebrity On Your Prom Night

Every girl wants to make their prom dress count because the truth is that one only gets to attend a few proms in their lifetime. With the numerous choices available, it is really hard to know where to start looking for the dress that will make your prom appearance really memorable. Since you are all about looking grand, why not take a couple of tips from celebrities who always manage to pull off something grand one red carpet event after another?

Take a look at the red carpet and get some clues. The red carpet has featured celebrities showing up in various designs of dresses from the ball gowns to the sparkly mini dresses and sheer gowns. The tip to live by while making your choice of prom dress is to go for the dress that brings out the confidence in you. It is important to note that the most important accessory you need for your prom dress is your big confident smile.

The actual dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet cost thousands of dollars and even though prom is a costly affair to prepare for, you do not have to spend thousands to look glamorous. To get the best deals for your prom dress, here are quick tips to take advantage of discounted prom dresses:

  • Check out the summer sales
  • Be on the lookout for the discount codes
  • Grab cashback deals

Here are some red-carpet worthy dress styles:

The Demure Off The Shoulder Gown – This dress is a subtle tease that has made several appearances on the red carpet, showing off the skin at the right places.

The Metallic Look – One of the biggest look at red carpet events such as the Billboard Awards and the Met Gala. The dress looks like it has been dipped in silver.

Florals – The most feminine trending look right now. You can come out in a full bloom with a bright floral number.

The Bold Colour – If you want to keep it simple and conservative but still turn heads, opt for the bold colour such as the red dress with a stunning design.

You will look more like your favourite celebrity with these makeup looks for Prom:

The Nude Lip

The nude lip is absolutely glamorous when paired with smokey eyes and long lashes (you can get faux lashes fixed). To get a full matte pout, line the lips with a nude lip crayon or lip liner then fill the rest of the lip with the same colour to get the appearance of a perfect pout.

The Navy Cat Eye

If you have porcelain skin or the jet black eyeliner looks harsh against your skin, you can opt for this update of the classic cat eye look. Use a navy eye shadow and navy eyeliner. To make this look pop, drawing the attention to the eyes, keep your lips in subtle colours, such as the pale pink.

The Classic Bold Red Lip

The red bold lip speaks the enduring Hollywood glamor. This look is perfect because it works well for every skin tone. To get this bold look, first, line the lips with a red lip liner to prevent the lipstick from bleeding the fill out the lip with red lipstick or the lip liner. Remember to blot out excess colour with tissue paper so that you get a lipstick that stays on all night long. Complete the look with a thick cat eye.

The Metallic Eyes

Metallic shadows add a dramatic glam edge to the prom outfit. To get the shimmery eye, first line the eyes with a black liner. Layer some silver eye shadow on the lids and along the lower lash line.

With the dress and makeup ideas we’ve provided, you’re going to look as glamorous as your favourite celebrities. Start preparing for prom now!

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