Tips on How to Do Your Makeup for Prom

Prom, a rite of passage, not to be taken lightly. Over the years prom has become more and more expensive. There’s transportation, formal wear, accessories, and hair. All those costs tend to add up to that of a small wedding. The good news there are ways you can cut back on cost without sacrificing too much. One way to go about this is by doing your own makeup.

The idea of doing your own makeup can seem overwhelming since there are so many things to take into consideration when getting your face done. There are unpredictable variables to take into account like weather and sudden skin outbreaks. But calm down and keep in mind that you can have multiple practice rounds before the big day. Most makeup counters are happy to walk you through the steps they take when applying your makeup. This is a great way to test which products work best with your skin. In some cases, you can even ask for foundation and lipstick samples.

Choosing your dress, like those that can be found on is a crucial part of succeeding at doing your own makeup. Without choosing a dress first you can’t choose a color pallet. It goes without saying that without a color pallet you’re at a stand still. The last thing you want is for your face to clash with your dress. If you don’t put thought into your color pallet, then you’ve failed before you’ve even gotten started.

You need to know what type of skin you’re working with. If your face is prone to get oil then you should definitely shop around for a mattifying primer. If you have dry skin, you can skip the primer, but be sure to moisturize before doing anything.

Believe it or not they make foundation specifically for photos, so stay away from the complicated makeups, like HD powder foundation. With the unpredictability of flash and lighting, picture perfect foundation is a must. Another must? Blend your foundation for uniformity, to ensure your face and neck are one even tone. Most drug stores sell contouring pallets with how to instructions, so fight the urge to use bronzer to contour. Prom is usually held in dark lighting, so you ultimately doing your makeup for the pictures. Flash will try to wash out, so adding a little extra blush wouldn’t hurt.

The eye area is its own ball game, but don’t be intimidated, there are some simple tips that ensure prom readiness. Fill in your brows, they frame your face and bring it all together. Use a brow powder in place of a pencil, the pencil doesn’t hold up well against a photo flash. Even if you haven’t applied primer to your face, apply it to your eyelids, to avoid creasing of your eyeshadow. To complete the look, use a liner when applying your lip color, this will help it last longer.

Finally, use a setting spray to lock your look in and pack your key products for a touch up during bathroom breaks.

Probably watching Netflix.