Dedicated: Top Tips to Make Your Christmas Green

The Christmas is coming, and we all have the excellent chance to make this year celebration special. What if we think about the totally eco friendly Christmas? We’ve decided to share some sustainable Christmas ideas with you: beginning from decor ideas and the choice of Christmas tree finishing the eco gifts, entertainments and table settings.

Organization of an eco friendly holiday is not a big deal when you are following three main principles:

  • All your actions are aimed to lessen the harm to environment
  • Rational consumption (not using  disposable tableware and non-returnable things)
  • Recycling

Options for Green Christmas Decorations

Using natural organic decorations for celebration rationally is also an important part of a “green” life-style. They are made of wood, tissue, paper, etc. Just try to avoid the vanity of everything. All parts of decor are minimalistic, made with eco-materials. Furthermore, you may always change the adornments with your friends if you think that you are tired from your own. Don’t buy one –use pennants or fireworks, choosing garlands, always give preference to Led-lights.

Eco Tips for Serving Tables

Before making a menu, count the number of guests and estimate how many products must be enough to feed everybody well, but without surfeit. Never buy more than enough and always keep the product storage regulations not to waste food.

Start looking for the local foods following the principle to decrease the “transport route” of products, don’t use one-use vessel while serving a table. If you need to use disposable flatware, opt for compostable utensils and cutlery.

Eco Gifts & Packaging Options

To be sustainably conscious while choosing gifts means:

  1. To make a wish-list of what you desire to obtain as a gift and to propose the same to your friends and relatives. It will prevent from receiving the pile of the unnecessary things.
  2. To give a homemade gift – it depends on your talents and fantasy: gifting cards with the ornaments, textured, painted or glued – there are a ton of interesting techniques and combinations of them for your choice!
  3. To gift an “emotion” – a visit to a Spa or yoga class, a jump from the parachute or tickets to a concert or performance. You may also give one of the Vikings essays as a present.
  4. To choose eco-presents, such as cosmetics, eco-bags or cloths, returnable bottle, a solar battery for devices, etc.
  5. To pack gifts into the craft paper or re-usable package. Furoshiki technique is also sustainable.

How to Organize a Fun Eco Party

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Don’t worry, your party isn’t doomed! There are tons of sustainable and eco-friendly tricks for your next party. There are several strict “no”s while organizing a Christmas party:

  • No fireworks or firecrackers as they are dangerous and pollute the environment critically. Don’t also forget that they are also dangerous for birds and animals;
  • Using helium balloons is also dangerous for birds and animals. They may eat accept the deflated balloons for food, and it may lead to the lethal outcome;
  • During mass celebrations, try not to throw the garbage on the ground;
  • When celebrating outdoors, commit no nuisance! Don’t make a fire in the places which are not meant for this. Leave the space clean, and if needed you may even clean it after others.

Do you know about eco hours like “An Earth’s hour” or any other? This is a time when during an hour all the devices at home are turned off – you may use candles and devote this time to share your thoughts about the past year with your dearest.

A Christmas Tree

Made with eco-materials and decorated with Led lights, artificial trees may please you no lesser than the real trees. Furthermore, they look really fresh and natural and are a good alternative to living trees.

Creating a Christmas spirit doesn’t need a lot of material stuff. Enjoying the holidays is a ritual of love, connection, and wonder. The magic may be created without tons of decorations. This is a period when all the dreams may come true, the time full of magic.  And it is obviously not about a date or things; it’s about your mood and state of mind. Prepare food with your friends or plan a holiday trip with them, spend time with people you love, and your Christmas party won’t demands a heavy ground.

We wish you a Merry “Green” Christmas!