Use Fotor to Create Business Materials for Free

At some point or another, I think I’ve encouraged every single one of my friends to start a business. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the idea of commerce. Getting into the internet business industry was something I envisioned as soon as I made my first webpage.

These days, though, breaking into this highly saturated industry of blogging, digital advertising, or ecommerce is tougher than it used to be. The internet makes it so anyone can start a business, and that’s apparent by the fact that everyone did. Take me, for example. My business overhead is less than $1000 per year, and I hold a business license – this is my full-time job!

It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there, and you have to work really hard to get noticed. In blogging, nearly everyone is a self-taught photographer, graphic designer, and web developer. Creating visual images that are captivating and interesting is hard work! Luckily, there is a free web program that does a ton of the hard work for you when it comes to creating promotional images and media assets for your business. Fotor to the rescue!

With thousands of templates to choose from, you can make dozens of necessary images for your business. Here are just a few of the things you can make with Fotor:

  • Facebook cover photos
  • Instagram photos
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Google+ profile photos
  • YouTube video thumbnails
  • YouTube channel art
  • Etsy shop banners

Use images you already have, or select from free stock photos online. Then, use Fotor’s extensive selection of free fonts to add text to a photo and personalize your images.

One of Fotor’s best functions is photo editing. You can do everything from adjusting the white balance to adding photo effects. Personally, I find that uploading your photos to Instagram and using Instagram’s filters can actually reduce the quality of your photos. This makes them look less tidy and unprofessional. By using Fotor to edit your photos and add filters, you’re maintaining the high resolution of your photos and still getting great images. Fotor even has an Instagram template!

You’ve probably seen those cool, multi-photo collages on Instagram. This is such a great way to allow your audience to see multiple products at once, but it’s so difficult to make them on the go. Fotor not only has a collage maker, but it can be used across platforms – including mobile.

With this one tool, you can design the vast majority of the materials you need for your business. Create beautiful images quickly and save them instantly to the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere.

Whether you’re an Etsy seller, blogger, or marketing consultant offering your services on the web, Fotor can make your one woman show look like (and become) a thriving business.

Probably watching Netflix.