Digital Friday: DIY an Urban Loft with The Sorry Girls

While most of us are overwhelmed at the idea of organizing our own closets, The Sorry Girls have turned an empty loft into a Pinterest-worthy, live-in studio for their bustling business as creatives. The best part is that they furnished and decorated their entire apartment with thrifty products and really do-able DIYs.

Let’s back up, though, because you need to meet this duo of industrious ladies that call themselves The Sorry Girls.

Kelsey Marillis is an all-around creator with amazing shoulders, and Becky Lynne is a bride-to-be with better taste than anyone I know. They’ve been documenting their life of DIY on their YouTube channel as The Sorry Girls.

As far as creative people go, Kelsey and Becky are definitely on the organized mogul end of the spectrum. They’re film grads with a passion for tackling design challenges using found materials and inexpensive add-ons. Throughout their videos, you get to see their entire creative process, from idea conception to idea construction.

As a companion to the YouTube channel, they have a beautiful blog which hosts an extensive library of DIY projects and video expansions.

Wondering about where The Sorry Girls get their name? I was, too, and was shocked (but also not shocked) to discover that they are proud Canadians. What better word to sum up a Canadian than “sorry?” (Their words, not mine! I love you Canada!)

Now that we have some background, let’s talk about The Sorry Girls’ Loft Vibes

Loft Vibes is the five part video series that The Sorry Girls produced to document their loft’s transformation. It covers each major step in the journey. It will also serve as a place for Kelsey to live, so there was extra thought put into making the loft as livable as it was functional.

The series starts off with the story of the loft and a tour of the bare bones. You’ll be invested in this project as soon as you see this glorious space in the daylight.

The nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and gigantic brick walls are beautiful even before they’re adorned with adorable and Instagram-able projects. There is a mezzanine, or second level, that will serve as Kelsey’s bedroom and the area beneath it will be the studio’s office.

Next, the individual areas are identified and a rough plan for the space is made. They move from area to area, implementing carefully chosen and orchestrated DIY projects and thrifty purchases. You’ll see upcycling ideas and thrift store projects that will change the way you look at spacial organization. Clever little tricks are sprinkled throughout the series, like filling an awkward wall space with minimalist shelves, but my favorite parts are the DIYs.

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You wouldn’t think that a pair of bedside tables made with your own bare hands would be something you could accomplish in your small apartment. Think again, because it took these girls part of a day to create an entirely adorable mid-century inspired set for the bedroom in the loft.

After the bedroom and bathroom, they attack the kitchen, the living room, and an awkward corner that begged to be filled with plants. Then, they top it off by creating a completely enviable office space. Everything is functional, from the dry-erase whiteboard table to the the bangin’ pegboard wall which holds tools, including the most dainty hammer holder in the DIY game.

Lastly, to top everything off, The Sorry Girls throw an epic party in their now perfect loft space. This is a fun episode because they not only had a fully furnished, indie-made, DIY-driven loft to show off to their friends, they also got to share tips for DIY party decorations throughout the episode!

What All Episodes of Loft Vibes by The Sorry Girls

These are easily binge-able episodes that are well-constructed and engaging. (This is probably due to the fact that Kelsey and Becky are both film production grads!)

Find The Sorry Girls:

TheSorryGirls on YouTube

Oh hey wow, what a surprise, I wrote about BFFs that work together again. I can’t help myself, these women are so #goals it’s impossible not to share their projects.

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