Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Collection is Your Halloween Glam Toolkit

Before fall even started, Wet n Wild released an entire collection called “Fantasy Makers” full of bold, vivid, edgy drugstore makeup. This, apparently, is something that has been going on annually for… um, ever?

According to my buddy Heather (who contributes an f-load to this blog, btw – thanks, Heather!), Wet n Wild has been on top of the Halloween season for decades with lashes, glow-in-the-dark nail polish, and black-toned everything. They’ve only recently started, as Heather puts it, “thinking beyond Morticia or vampires,” expanding their release to liquid lipsticks, glitters, face paint… you get the idea.

Okay, time to look at every single piece with lust and desire!

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2017 Halloween Makeup Releases

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Makeup Stencils
$1.99 each at Wet n Wild

There are six sets of makeup stencils that will help you turn into anything from a wicked jester to an alien to a zombie and then some! These are single-handedly the most helpful thing in this year’s Fantasy Makers collection. Stencils! For your face! Of course! Truly brilliant. I mean, you can stretch fishnets across your face or use your family’s colander to get all kinds of effects, too, but this certainly makes it easier! And it results in less potential eyeshadow in your pasta.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks
$4.99 each at Wet n Wild

As we know, Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit is one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas. Expanding the shade range is always welcomed, especially when it includes these hard-to-find vivid, bold colors. Is it just me, or is Wet n Wild looking like a NYX-level affordable beauty go-to lately? Food for thought…

In the meantime, I plan on picking up that neon orange and the dark green, at the very least. Although, I don’t have a black liquid lipstick and everyone truly should. After all, wearing black lipstick outside of Halloween turns you instantly into Lorde, and who doesn’t want that?

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers MegaLast Lipstick
$1.99 each at Wet n Wild

Eight news colors were added to the super-affordable lipstick line. The MegaLast lipsticks are cream, obviously, with a semi-matte finish. As for long-wearing – you might be surprised by this $2 lipstick. I have friends who swear by these for purse lipsticks!  There are some very useful grayscale shades, namely black, white, and a medium grey. The rest of the shades are vibrant in color or effect, with a lavender called “Chilled 2 the Bone” which looks to me like the perfect shade of zombie.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Color Icon Pigment
$3.99 each at Wet n Wild

Having never used the loose pigments, I can’t vouch for their performance. What I can say is that the colors are effing stunning. Each jar has a locking sifter on top so there’s a lesser risk of spilling and losing any of this sparkly yum yum. A little goes a long way with straight pigment, you can use it with a wet brush as eyeshadow or highlight your body with a big, fluffy brush and a light application. If anyone’s planning on transforming into a unicorn or accepting their destiny as a mermaid, you’ll want to bring these along.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Paint Palette
$5.99 each at Wet n Wild

These palettes say “paint” on them, but I have a feeling that this formula is a lot thicker – like a cream eyeshadow or pigment. The four different palettes cover pretty much all of your bases as far as colors go, including one palette featuring only metallic formulas. Paint Palettes might be one of the most versatile items in the Fantasy Makers collection. I’m looking at that earth-toned one and I feel like it has a place in my everyday makeup bag. #EverydayisHalloween

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Prismatic Lipstick in Unicorn Soul
$3.99 each at Unicorn Glow Collection

Wet n Wild released this first attempt at a holographic, prismatic lipstick alongside the unsurprisingly named Unicorn Glow Collection which featured Wet n Wild’s rainbow highlighters, the pigments from earlier, and unicorn horn makeup brushes. I have every reason to believe that this is an awesome, eye-catching addition to anyone’s lipstick collection.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes
$3.99 each at Wet n Wild

For a long time, I’ve wished for someone to do a proper pressed glitter palettes. Wouldn’t it be great if this was it? I haven’t tried this version, but other pressed glitters often feel like a gritty vaseline, and there’s no chance that’s going on my face. The fact that there’s an eyeshadow sponge in every case makes me really wonder WTF that formula feels like. The colors in the top left, though? Need.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Color Blast Mascara
$3.99 each at Wet n Wild

Colorful mascara has never really been my thing. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for a more dark, luscious, Sophia Loren-style lash line, but I just don’t really get it. That being said, I’ve watched several Halloween makeup tutorials where colorful mascara totally completed the look. If you’re going for an ice queen, a White Walker, or some kind of tropical fruit, these are probably a great product to play with.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers MegaSlicks Lip Gloss
$1.99 each at Wet n Wild

While colorful lipsticks have been flooding the market lately, I haven’t seen very many bold & edgy lip glosses. Here are five ultra-sparkly glosses that can be worn alone or overtop other shades. Personally, I’d love to see any of the colorful ones over a black liquid lipstick, just for the sheen and glitter effects. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a blue lip gloss like the one in this collection! It’s very Avatar, and also the exact color of Marge Simpson’s hair. Well done, WnW!

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner
$3.99 each at Wet n Wild

Yes, finally! The more drugstore glitter eyeliners, the better, if you ask me. These four liners are in great, versatile shades that I’m sure can be used all over the face – not just the eyes! The wand has a thin, thin brush tip which is my personal favorite. I’d be happy to wear these throughout the year, as well.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Paint Pots
$2.99 each at Wet n Wild

Wow, the product photos for this are maybe the most underwhelming considering how vital these are to gorgeous Halloween makeup. These will help you get the perfect opaque base for your costume character. The less human you need to look on Halloween, the more you’re going to need these paint pots. They can also both be used to pop other color products in this collection, like the glitters and cremes!

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter
$5.99 each at Wet n Wild

Well, well, well… if it isn’t a rainbow highlighter. This isn’t actually a “new” product, though it is part of the Fantasy Makers collection. There aren’t very many uses for this little guy, despite all its novelty and appeal. But, if you haven’t given one a go yet, or plan to rock Halloween as a the Viral Beauty Trends of 2017, this is a must.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Body Crayons
$1.99 each at Wet n Wild

Much like the paint pots above, these are indispensable if you have a high-impact Halloween look planned. I’m not sure how they came up with these four colors, exactly… Black and white are obvious, maybe red is for blood – and then purple? Like, what? Either way, these jumbo crayons will help fill in big skin gaps quickly.

The 2017 Fantasy Makers collection is available at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Wet n Wild’s website.

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