Would You Wear: Popsicle Mouth aka Blurred Lipstick?

The most polarizing beauty trend of 2017 so far is also one of the hottest trends among first-time makeup users: the smeared lipstick look.

I’ve seen it described as “lollipop lips,” “bitten lips” (ew), “popsicle mouth” (how graceful), and the more direct “blurred lipstick.” Not sure which phrase I like the least, but nevertheless, the smeared lipstick trend has taken firm grasp of the beauty world.

Where did the popsicle mouth lipstick trend come from?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this look, though! Back in 2013, makeup artists like Pat McGrath were test-driving this look on runways and high fashion editorials.

Additionally, the trend that blew people away in 2015 was the Korean-born ombre lip trend. The outside of the lips was covered in foundation to nearly mask the edges while the inner part of the lips had a vibrant to faded pop of color. It’s actually really beautiful, and this newer blurred lip trend may have arrived on the back of that iconic K-beauty look.

Source: Glamour France, October 2015

The first time we saw this specific blurred-edges look was in 2016 when a few keen eyes spotted a few people trying out the look. Now, it’s popping up everywhere.

Oddly enough, it’s kind of a tricky thing to intentionally blur your lipstick. That is definitely not what I expected after years of avoiding creme lipsticks due to constant uncute smudging. There are quite a few brands that have release blur-encouraging lip products, although I’m not sure they had this specific look in mind.

I’m pretty sure that this is one of those makeup looks that is deceptively complex. What I’m saying is: I tried this, it was hard and not that cute. There must be a rhyme or reason to the amount of blurring, and maybe even the type and color of lipstick.

Source: Into The Gloss

Do I even like this? The most intriguing part of this entire trend may be the fact that no one can tell whether they’re impressed or disappointed. It doesn’t look… bad, but it doesn’t look particularly wearable, either. Obviously.

Apparently I nailed this look in my early 20s. All I needed was to put on lipstick and make sure I drank way too much and didn’t bring a touch-up mirror with me. Boom, trend of the future.

All kidding aside, there is clearly skill at work here. Just scroll down to see what happens when you stop listening to me relive my sleazy 20s and start looking at what Instagram makeup artists are doing with the blurred lips trend.

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick, Instagram makeup artist and newly minted member of Kat Von D’s Beauty Squad, The Artistry Collective, has one of the most impressive collections of blurred lipstick looks. Every texture, color, and finish is represented in her feed.

Source: @kelseyannaf


As far as beauty trends go, the blurred popsicle mouth look certainly is accessible. All you need is a good lipstick and some patience. Probably some wine would help. Maybe a q-tip. We’re not really sure.

Source: @olivialaurenmakeup

When I tried this look on myself, I put on my favorite longwearing cream lipstick and gently patted around the edges with my finger. Warning: this gets so crazy messy if you’re not sure what you’re doing. (That would describe be 99% of the time.) I think I blurred too far north aka towards my nose and chin, but I’m thinking about trying again. Trust me, if I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: @newtron_bw

What do you think? Would you wear the blurred lipstick beauty trend?

Is this something you could imagine yourself wearing? How would you style it? What would you wear and how would you fix the rest of your makeup?

Leave your imaginative ideas in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Would You Wear: Popsicle Mouth aka Blurred Lipstick?

  • March 29, 2017 at 9:47 am

    not a fan of this at all…. it looks like a 5 year old did your lipstick…
    if I did want to try, I think I would either use a q-tip to smudge the edges a little bit, or put a 1-ply tissue over my mouth and put lipstick over the edges that way…. not sure if either would work, but would probably be what I would try
    except Im not because I don’t like it…. :)

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