Dedicated: Year-End Fashion Trends That’ll Stick Around for 2018

In 2017, we saw pearls emerge as the new jewelry staple for everything from makeup, skincare and hair accessories. Lady Gaga covered her face in pearls. Taylor swift took a bath in them. Kris Kardashian added to her own line of pearl jewelry. Ivanka Trump wore them in her hair. And Rihanna, well, she did Rihanna.

Between the runways, celebrities and fashionistas, these are some of the 2017 pearl trends that brushed the dust off of your grandmother’s pearls. In 2018, expect to find pearls on the red carpet, in skincare and beauty products, even on bathroom counters.

Here are 12 pearl trends to look out for as the 2018 approaches.

The Teardrop Pearl

New York runways were used to make major beauty statements in 2017. One was so tiny, many fashionistas probably missed it altogether. One Jonathan Simkhai runway model wore the teeniest, tiniest pearls, which were glued within the inside corners of both of her eyes.

Expect more of this in 2018…but it won’t be limited to the eyes. Pearls will adorn the hands, arms and face of celebs, fashionistas and us “commoners” alike.

Pearl Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Some call it pearl infusion. We call it a gemstone skin miracle. The gems burst to create a gel-like serum. This releases a vitamin C and caviar extract cocktail that successfully brightens your skin. Hell, we’re willing to give it a try. Anything to look younger. #AmIRite?

Guerlain Météorites Pearls is a skincare product designed specifically for boosting the natural radiance in your skin. This illuminating finishing powder also helps even out your complexion, better than most highlighters.

Pearl Hair Jewelry

We saw many different styles of hair jewels embellished with pearls over the year. For 2018, expect to see even more, like this pearl halo that pins along the back of the wearer’s head, much like a crown.

Layered and Choker Pearl Necklaces

The simple, elegant pearl necklace has been given a major makeover. Expect multiple choker layers in 2018 – call it the Rihanna effect. Also, look for more Kim Karshian-esque styles of long layered pearl necklaces.

Pearl Facemasks

Each individual gemstone in infused with a healthy dose of apricot oil and hyaluronic acid. These facial masks deliver much needed proteins and peptides that help tone and brighten your skin with regular use over time.

Pearl Headbands

Ivanka may have made it famous, but these have been trending for way longer. Chanel’s classic pearls motif took on some major upgrades for the 2017 runway shows. Some of the most amazing looking, royalty-inspired, pearl embellished headbands were introduced. Expect to see them continue to grace runways in 2018.

And while we’re at it…

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PearlHair Pins

Both Lily Collins and Ariana Grande, as well as other celebrity trend setters, have been seen sporting these metallic and pearl hair pins. Some say the designer brands are hard to find. Click here to start your search now.