YouTube Beauty Guru Gets Postmates Guy to Buy Her Makeup

Now this is an awesome challenge! YouTube beauty gurus are famous for participating in platform-wide tags like “My Boyfriend Buys My Makeup!” and “Doing a Full Face of Makeup While Blindfolded!” These videos garner tons of views and provide just as many laughs, but Seattle-based YouTuber ThaTaylaa has taken “_____ Buys my Makeup” challenges to the next level. She handed $150 over to a Postmates messenger named Jordan and asked him to go to CVS and buy her a full face of makeup.

In the more common renditions of this social experiment-makeup tutorial hybrid, a beauty guru will send her brother, dad, or significant other to the drugstore to purchase enough makeup to get sufficiently glammed up. ThaTaylaa, or Taylor, sent that request to the popular delivery service, Postmates, and what she received was… mostly… workable?

Six foundations in six different shades, a brand-rep’s supply of Revlon products, and a set of naked brows later, Taylor actually managed to pull a cute look out of this crapshoot. Postmates guy didn’t do a terrible job! Although, he did blow two-thirds of the budget on foundation alone…

Two Revlon mascaras? Sure!

Luckily, ThaTaylaa is notorious for her foundation reviews (she focuses on foundation that works for acne), and will probably find a use for the rest of those foundations. (Especially given her collaboration with charitable foundation, Project Beauty Share.)

Also, Seattle might have the best-looking Postmates delivery people, and this guy was a great example.

Thanks for the foundations, Jordan!

Watch the full video here to see how her look turned out:

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