Dedicated: 10 Affordable, Inspirational Gifts

Are you looking for a way to be a great friend? The greatest and most appreciated friends are those who reach out even during the hardest times to help, support and guide you. When you are weak, they pick you up. When you are too distressed to cook, they bring you a box of warm chocolate chip cookies and a jug of milk. They also know just the right gift to give when the going gets rough. You can let your friends know today how much you long to support them with one of these inspiring gifts that is sure to fit into your budget.

Happy Pills

A 100-day bottle of happy pills gives your friends something to look forward to daily. Each tiny pill looks just like a capsule but is stamped with a smiley face and opens up to reveal an inspiring message. Little touches, such as the gold ring holding each scroll of paper together, really send this gift over the top. These pills are wonderful for starting the day with or for taking as needed for a little boost of happiness.

My Life Story Journal

Those who are not into daily journaling may instead prefer to write down their life story. A life story journal guides the experience with fact-finding and emotion-probing questions that will get someone thinking about what really matters in his or her life. This journal will work through every part of one’s life, from childhood through schooling, marriage and beyond. One can even use it to make lists of goals and dreams.

A Feather Necklace

Besides the fact that feather necklaces have become quite popular in fashion, they are incredibly meaningful for the woman who likes jewelry. The feather is something that is light and floats through the air. While this can mean something different to every person who wears this style of necklace, most individuals believe that feathers represent wisdom that floats above everything else in the world. Others take it to signify good fortune. When you give a feather necklace to others, you are telling them that you believe in their ability to make the right decision with a pure heart.

Inspirational Quote Picture

Pictures are always wonderfully inspiring gifts because they can be hung or placed somewhere where they will be seen every day. Consider a picture with an inspiring quote from an ancient author that will lift the spirits and empower the individual. For a coworker, you might consider a quote about leadership while you might prefer a quote about strong friendships for someone you have known for decades.

Super Thoughts Notebook

This notebook is great for journaling, taking quick notes or making lists. However, what really sets it apart is the empowering quotes found on each of 200 pages in the bound notebook. Let the quotes guide the journaling or serve as some added brightness for a dreary or discouraging day. This gorgeous blue notebook will fit in well on any bookshelf and includes a glossy blue ribbon for holding one’s place.

Recordable Book

If you want to encourage a younger friend, consider a recordable book, which is always well-loved by children. These books lets you record yourself while reading the story. Even when you are far away, the child will still be able to hear your voice. You can use this same concept for adults when you choose a recordable picture frame.

Stamped Bracelet

A stamped bracelet will remind the wearer of a timeless truth every time she lifts her hand. Link bracelets can feature single charms with one word stamped on them, such as “grace,” “wisdom” or “love.” For longer sentiments, choose a narrow bangle bracelet that can be hand-stamped with a favorite quote or verse.

Aromatherapy Necklace

Aromatherapy necklaces come in many shapes and sizes, but all allow you to focus on the wearer’s needs with the essential oil that the necklace contains. For example, a lavender aromatherapy necklace can calm the mind while a peppermint-infused necklace will energize. Some necklaces have stones that can be rubbed with the essential oil to give off a delightful essence for days. Others use infused disks that can be placed behind the pendant, or they contain diffusers instead of pendants. The particular essential oil that you choose for your friend will show how much you understand her and care.

Worry Stones

Worry stones are smooth stones that usually have a large, shallow indentation on them that is designed to fit the thumb. With a high polish and a comfortable shape, these stones are good for rubbing between the index finger and thumb when worries increase. If your friend is currently going through a hard, worrisome time, consider gifting a bag of these decorative stones, which can help him or her use up nervous energy, collect scattered thoughts and relax.

Therapy Dough

Therapy dough is another stress-relief tool that combines that positives of being able to do something with your hands with relaxing scents. Each dough is soft and squishy and is much like Play-doh for adults. As your friend pinches it, moulds it, rolls it and squeezes it, the aromatherapy-infused dough gives of a pleasant, calming fragrance.

Giving friends or even an acquaintances inspiring gifts can be just what is needed to pull them out of the doldrums, encourage them as they are going through a difficult time or lift them up when they feel as if nobody cares. As you can see, there are just as many options for encouraging gifts as there are personalities in the world. One of these affordable options is sure to meet your particular friend’s needs and tastes.