Dedicated: 4 Ways You Can Start Making Some Money On The Side

We all pretty much know how the broke life goes down. You get to buy some things, but not others. Your spending threshold is really darn low, and you abstain from doing some of the fun activities some of your money earning friends get to partake in (like going on that cruise).

There comes a time when you don’t really want to live that life anymore. You just want to make sure you don’t run out of money and you actually pay the bills on time without late fees. I mean, is that really too much to ask? No, not at all.

Turns out, outliving the broke life IS possible, but there are some things in your life that have to change if you want to make the not broke life a reality. And this is what this post is dedicated to.

How in the heck can you start having enough money for things?

Pick Up A Side Hustle

First things first. Remember the part where you get to change certain habits to make space for money making habits? Well, this is the part where that happens. Picking up a side hustle is hands down the best way to start getting out of a tight and depressing financial hole.

You simply have to make up your mind that you’ll dedicate a good chunk of your time to starting your side hustle. After your mind is made up, it’s then time to actually start looking to see what exactly that side hustle is going to be.


Investing is a great way to passively make money on the side. The only small downside is that it takes a while for your investments to start yielding returns. Once you get the hang of it though, whether that is investing in the stock market or in real estate, there is no telling what you can do with investing.

It definitely opens more financial doors for you and helps you feel more at ease in the long run. I mean you can even own a slice of luxury at the Atlantic apartment homes if you wanted. But the key is starting right now, so you can reap the returns later.

Get Rid Of Unneeded Expenses

Unwanted expenses are such finance drainers, because often, they are recurring payments. This includes things like magazine or newspaper subscriptions to publications that you don’t use, or that Amazon Prime account that you have no real use for anyway.

Being financially savvy can help you become more mindful about where your money is going, and you can redirect it to your savings instead. It’s all about burning the financial candle at both ends, meaning making more money when you can, and spending and cutting less where you can.

Open A Second Bank Account

Opening a second bank account can help you spend less money and become less of an impulsive spender. When you go out of your way to deposit money into a completely separate bank account, chances are you’ll leave that money alone and only spend what is immediately within reach (that goes to bills and essentials).

There Are Tons Of Ways To Leave The Broke Life Behind

There are hundreds of ways to leave the broke life behind. That means that you need to adopt new money habits and get rid of old ones. This way, you are better able to meet your financial needs at the end of the month and have some leftover to save or to invest in a venture of your choosing. Hopefully this list motivated you to start making a real difference for yourself financially. Now, how will you stop living the broke life and create more wealth?