Dedicated: 5 Tips For Accessorizing Your Wedding Outfit

You’ve searched tons of wedding dresses online. At last, the dress of your dreams is right in front of your eyes! It’s as fabulous as you had thought of. Now comes another fun part: it’s time to accessorize your enchanting wedding outfit!

Perhaps, you’re considering it an easy task that requires grabbing a shiny pair of earrings and picking the matching stilettos. But if you want to flaunt your bridal look, you should do more than just that. Though this may seem trivial, putting on accessories can bring a touch of cohesiveness and sleekness to your overall look.

Not sure how to choose the accessories that perfectly go with your wedding outfit? Get help from the following tips:

1. Get The Glitz With The Bridal Clutch

Sometimes you just don’t realize it. But carrying a purse lessens your nervousness especially when you’re surrounded by a crowd. As a bride, you’ll need it the most.

Instead of accommodating too many items into it (such as your cell phone, keys, makeup items, and debit card), you can use your bridal clutch to keep a small mirror, a lipstick, and a couple of tissues (remember that you might need them).

To choose the one that compliments your dress, consider the following points:

Size – Nothing can be a style-killer than a tote bag that distracts the entire look of the bridal outfit. Since you’ll keep only a handful of items in it, the clutch should be discreet and small.

Color – Ideally, the color of your clutch should be an exact match of the dress. But if you get an off-white clutch with a pure white gown, it will form an impression that the off-white clutch is dirty. If it’s impossible to get the exact match, choose the color of the clutch that matches with the color of your jewelry (for instance, if you have gold jewelry, go for a gold clutch).

2. Get A Beautiful Cover Up

If you’re a winter bride, this is a must-have accessory. Interestingly, there are different options to consider. For a detailed dress, choose a plain white fur. For a simple outfit, enhance the glam by getting a lace-trimmed or beaded capelet.

3. Show Off Your Glamor With The Right Jewelry

Ever wondered what’s so magical about wedding jewelry?

Well, it lets you shine! Plus, after your wedding outfit, your jewelry will be the second thing that will grab the attention of the guests. To begin your search for the jewelry that’s made for “you”, don’t miss out these points:

  • For an ivory dress, try gold jewelry to enhance the creamy shade.
  • For a white dress, get hold of the silver or platinum metals.
  • For a soft pink dress, choose rose gold.
  • For a light-beige dress, prefer an antique-style jewelry collection that compliments this unique color.

4. Complete The Look With Dramatic Veils

Imagine a bridal dress without the veil. Doesn’t it lack that extraordinary appeal?

A veil says a thousand words about your personal style as you go down the aisle. That’s because it’s an iconic accessory of any bride that creates the most impact.

The good news is that you have a myriad of options to choose from: birdcage, elbow length, fingertip, waltz, and many more. As you see the different veils, it’s natural to get confused as to which one to choose because every veil may look so tempting. The trick is to try every veil that attracts you and choose the one that looks the best on you.

5. Pick Stiletto Heels That Keep Your Feet Happy

Diamonds are forever. But what about the wedding shoes?

Instead of buying an expensive pair of glittery stilettos that are filled with embellishments (which are hard to wear on casual days), go for plain white heels that can be worn even when you’re enjoying your honeymoon. Besides saving some extra cash on your wedding shoes, you’ll be able to wear them on any day.

While deciding on the perfect pair of shoes, give priority to comfort. Pick the one with good support and padding. After making your decision, practice wearing those shoes a few days before the wedding so you can be sure that those pretty heels wouldn’t irritate your feet on the wedding day.