6 Ways to Up Your Instagram Game Using Fotor

These days, your Instagram feed is more than just a fun way to save photos online and share them with friends. Having an awesome Instagram feed can turn your life upside down and bring you opportunities you’ve never imagined! Whether you’re a food lover, a makeup blogger, a fashion stylist, or an exemplary selfie-taker, there’s a chance that the only thing standing between you and getting to the next level in your goals is your Instagram game.

We’ve talked about Fotor before because they can assist you in creating business materials for free. Now Fotor is ready to help you kick up your social media game.

If you think you need a big, expensive camera or a photographer in the family – think again! There are tons of totally affordable ways to make your smartphone pictures and digital camera pictures look amazing. No need to spend hundreds on photo editing software, companies like Fotor are so low-cost that you might want to keep this post to yourself to keep competition down!

Of all of the things that go into creating a great Instagram feed, editing is the most important. Of course, taking great photos is still the heart of Instagram. But you can set your photos apart with individualized editing and clever composition.

Here are a few tricks to help you take your Instagram photography to the next level using Fotor.

6 Affordable Ways to Amp Up Your Instagram Feed with Fotor

Use Natural Lighting

Instagram photographers frequently have big, elaborate lighting setups that would make anyone’s bank account quake with fear. But the truth is that the best lighting for your Instagram photos is the light the comes out of the sky: natural lighting. It’s the most accurate, flattering, and cost-effective way to light your photos.

If natural lighting isn’t naturally where you take photos, try moving outside or taking your photoshoot to the nearest window. Facing the window for a selfie will give you a soft, beautiful, flattering light and give your skin a chance to glow. Photographing products in natural lighting will result in realistic shadows and clear, crisp details.


Edit With Fotor

Fotor is cheap but powerful photo online photo editing software that allows you to do everything from adding filters to making collages. You can access tons of Fotor’s services for free, but upgrading to the Pro version is less than $50!

You can do everything from adjusting the white balance to adding photo effects. Personally, I find that uploading your photos to Instagram and using Instagram’s filters can actually reduce the quality of your photos. This makes them look less tidy and unprofessional. By using Fotor to edit your photos and add filters, you’re maintaining the high resolution of your photos and still getting great images. Fotor even has an Instagram template!

Collect Interesting Backgrounds

Variety is the spice of life… and of Instagram. In order to keep people’s attention, you’ll want to find new and interesting patterns, colors, and shapes to use in your photos.

Next time you’re at the thrift store, take a stroll through the tablecloth and scrap fabric sections. Check out interesting plates, jewelry, cups, or props that would look cool in your posts, or fit the industry you’re interested in breaking into. You could also pick up solid-colored poster board from the craft store as it comes in several different colors.

This will give a big dose of creativity and versatility to your feed, not to mention keep things interesting!

Try a Photo Collage

Have too many good pictures, and can’t decide which to post? Try creating a photo collage! You can use themed photos, or consecutive shots to tell a tiny story through pictures. Popular collage shapes include triptychs, sets of three, and quads – sets of four.

All you need to create beautiful photo collages are a few images that look beautiful together! Consider selecting your photos not just for the content within them, but for the colors, composition, and mood behind each one. Then you’ll be able to create gorgeous, communicative photo collages that leave the viewer with an emotion, or new information, as well as a beautiful view.

Utilize an Instagram Photo Theme

If you’re looking for ways to rekindle your love of Instagram, try doing an Instagram theme. You may have seen those pages where every photo looks incredible because they’re all the same color, mood, subject type, or so on. This not only looks incredible, it can actually increase your engagement and follower count.

If you feel like you’re in a rut with photography and creative ideas aren’t coming as freely as they used to, an Instagram theme can challenge you to look at your work in new, interesting ways. Pick your favorite themes and then start looking for items or surroundings that fit the criteria. Before you know it, your Instagram feed will make you look like a professional influencer!

Turn Amazing Photos into Posters for Backgrounds

After you’ve beefed up your Instagram feed to have influencer-level appeal, it’s time to celebrate! Using Fotor’s poster maker app, you can create gorgeous, 16×24 prints to furnish the walls in background of your photos.

Alternately, you could easily use the poster maker to create gorgeous backgrounds like the ones mentioned above. The more visual interest you can add to an image, the more it will catch someone’s eye. Also, for photographers who are interested in a career of taking photos, using poster maker to create prints to sell or to hang in your own home can bolster your credibility.

With these tips, you’ll surely be able to give yourself new challenges that will result in new skills. Instagram can launch full careers for creatives, so utilize your affordable (and free!) tools to help you reach the next level.

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