Checking In at the ZARA Semi-Annual Sale: Favorite Products & Best Buys

It’s been a while since I checked out ZARA – we have a weird relationship. It’s like that one restaurant in your town that you know is probably good, yet you just… never go there. You should, probably! It has all the things you like, but it’s just not as much fun to shop there, for some reason. That’s me and ZARA. Whenever I go there, I ogle everything I see, but it’s almost like I don’t feel cool enough to wear ZARA stuff…?

But when one of their sales are going on – i.e. now – that’s a whole different story. I’m always cool enough to shop a ZARA semi-annual sale. And this one’s been going on for a little while, but there’s still tons of beautiful stuff. Prices have been reduced by up to 70%, so if you’re on the “ZARA is still too expensive” train, I feel you. Enjoy this.

Favorites from the 2018 ZARA Sale

ZARA Floral Bomber Jacket
$49.90 $29.99

ZARA Lace Bomber Jacket
$69.90 $29.99

ZARA Velvet Kimono Jacket
$129 $69.99

ZARA Suede Effect Trench Coat
$89.90 $39.99

ZARA Yellow Denim Jacket
$69.90 $29.99

ZARA Flowing Toggle Jacket
$89.90 $29.99

Can you tell I’m going through a coat thing? Obviously this is fueled by the temperatures outside. But when there are this many awesome, interesting twists on jackets (read: florals, I’m here for the florals), how can I resist?

ZARA Embroidered Mini Dress with Floral Shoulders
$39.90 $9.99

ZARA Cropped Mesh Jacket/Fishnet Cardigan
$35.90 $15.99

ZARA Long Shiny Knit Midi Dress
$49.90 $9.99

ZARA Floral Jaquard Sweater
$69.90 $29.99

Please excuse me while I indulge myself in some of ZARA’s amazing florals. They are bountiful (as evidenced from the favorites I’ve posted already), but their tops section is simply overflowing. There are beautiful prints and lots of beautiful floral embroidery to fall in love with.

ZARA Floral Print Wrap Blouse
$39.90 $15.99

ZARA Floral Print Shirt with Collar
$39.90 $15.99

ZARA Plumetis Floral Lace Top
$29.90 $12.99

ZARA Flowing Floral Print Blouse
$39.90 $15.99

ZARA Embroidered Plumetis Floral Top
$69.90 $22.99

ZARA Ruffle Sleeve Floral Blouse
$39.90 $15.99

We’re skipping pants because, well… all of ZARA’s pants are weird, and not my brand of weird. If you love bizarrely shaped, wide-leg, mega-flare pants in strange fabrics, get thee to the pant section because that’s all they have.

Shoes and handbags, on the other hand, are two of the best things to shop for at ZARA.

ZARA Strappy Ballerina Flats with Flowers
$59.90 $19.99

ZARA Split Suede Crossbody Wallet
$35.90 $17.99

ZARA Crossbody Bag with Heart Detail
$39.90 $12.99

ZARA Leather Ankle Boots with Laces
$79.90 $39.99

ZARA Pink Velvet Sneakers
$55.90 $19.99

ZARA Mini Quilted Backpack
$39.90 $19.99

ZARA Minaudiére with Fuchsia Details
$59.90 $19.99

ZARA High Heel Sandals with Flowers
$49.99 $19.99

ZARA Jacquard Plimsolls Studded Sneakers
$55.90 $19.99

ZARA Sequinned Mini Backpack
$39.90 $19.99

So fun, right? You could create an entire capsule wardrobe from this sale, alone. Hmm, not a bad idea for the springtime…

Check out the ZARA semi-annual sale and show me your favorite steals on Twitter!

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