Dedicated: How You Can Take Part in the Sustainable Clothing Trend

There are always new fashion trends and styles to be aware of, some you’re anxious to take part in while others are best to sit out. When it comes to the latest trend right now it’s not about style, colour, or print, rather it’s about the construction of the clothing itself. Sustainable luxury clothing is something that has been slowly creeping up on the radar of fashion mavens everywhere, and as we head into 2018 it’s clear that it’s not letting up.

So if you’re looking to take part in the sustainable clothing trend but don’t exactly know what it is or how to go about it, then these tips are meant for you.

What is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing spans across the clothing and footwear industries. It refers to clothing that is made in a more sustainable manner, meaning the socio-economic and environmental aspects of its manufacturing process are all taken into account. The idea is that it improves the process from the design, production and manufacturing, delivering of the goods, the marketing of the product, right to the final sale to the consumer.

Sustainable luxury fashion from StyleSaint

With people looking for ways to make an impact and help the environment in any way possible, sustainable clothing just makes sense.

Where to Find Sustainable Luxury Clothing?

Wanting to take part in the trend and finding pieces that work for your wardrobe are two different things. It involves taking a more active role in researching the brand, the manufacturer, and designer so you can determine just how sustainable it may be. Beulah London is a great example of sustainable luxury fashion, and this sustainable clothing range offers a variety of high-fashion pieces that will work for the most elegant of occasions. This is perfect for those of you wanting to be sustainable and fashionable at the same time.

Use This Checklist

To take things one step further, this is a checklist that you can use that will help you determine if a brand or designer is offering sustainable clothing. The first thing you’ll want to look at is the materials the clothing is made from. Ideally you want to look for silk, hemp, or linen which are all renewable and recyclable.

You can then do a little online research on that particular brand/company and look to see if it’s sustainable. The Greenpeace website can be very helpful in this process. It’s also important to distinguish the difference between something being made locally or handmade and being sustainable. They are two different things.

What About Pricing?

Of course the final question consumers usually have is the cost of sustainable clothing and if it’s any different. In most cases the sustainable pieces tend to be more money, but as more and more brands move towards this trend it is the hope that these costs come down somewhat. Remember, you are paying that higher price due to the green aspects of the production, shipping, and marketing cycle.

Doing What You Can for the Environment Through Clothing

It’s hard to imagine that you can actually help the environment simply by choosing a certain type of clothing, but that’s exactly what sustainable clothing is allowing consumers to do.