Free Shipping on Beauty Items from Macy’s All Year Long

Don’t worry, I double-checked the fine print three times over before writing that title. It’s real: Macy’s is offering free shipping on all beauty orders for the entirety of 2018.

Macy’s carries all of the standard prestige brands, and some I’ve never heard of! You won’t find any drugstore brands here (except NYX!), but considering the number of sales and coupons, you’ll just have to settle for high end makeup at below-retail prices.

For example: according to Dealspotr, if you sign up for Macy’s E-Mail List, they’ll give you a 25% off coupon! Or shop through their mobile app for a similar discount. Nearly every store has a coupon at any given time, how else do you think I’ve been able to run this blog for 10 years?

Currently, I’m filling up a cart that may never see a payment method. You know, the usual broke-girl-in-a-sale routine. I’m waiting to sign up for the email list until I know I’m going to buy something. Oh, and I will also be using Ebates because, at Macy’s, you get 6% cash back on every purchase!

Here are some of my favorite beauty brands at Macy’s. Please note the extreme and shocking discounts on NYX and Benefit because that’s serious value!

Anastasia Beverly Hills at Macy’s

Obviously, this is a cult-favorite brand that creates either really great or really bad eyeshadow palettes. (Opinions on the validity of that statement are definitely going to vary.) Alleged manufacturing complications aside, the creative vision of ABH is, and long has been, on point. Love it or hate it, the Subculture palette was a brilliant concept, and you can’t deny the power of the Glow Kit. Getting ABH with perpetually free shipping is a gift in itself!

ABH Glow Kit in Aurora

ABH Brow Definer

ABH Blush Set in Gradient

ABH Sugar Glow Kit

Benefit Cosmetics at Macy’s

I couldn’t help but notice that Benefit’s skincare line is already on sale for around 25% off, so obviously check that out ASAP. (It’s worth noting that the Benefit skincare packaging is gorgeous.)

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Lite Bronzer

Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
$32 $24

Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45
$32 $24

Buxom Cosmetics

To this day, Buxom Cosmetics is one of only a handful of brands that makes a lip gloss that I actually  like. After trying the Buxom Lip Polish sample set, Six Degrees Below Sexy (ugh), I discovered that their lip glosses were not only tolerable, but beautiful! I’ve also seen enough positive reviews of their mascaras that I have to try one.

Buxom Cosmetics Buxom Lash Mascara

Buxom Cosmetics Lip Polish in Celeste

Buxom Cosmetics Dolly’s Wild Side Palette

Buxom Cosmetics Wildly Whipped Matte Lipcolor in Centerfold

Elizabeth & James at Macy’s

There aren’t many posts about Elizabeth & James on Broke & Beautiful because, well, they’re f@#king expensive, but I am so tuned in to the aesthetic of that brand. Not only are the clothes from the line gorgeous, but the fragrances associated with their beauty line are incredibly good. Macy’s carries their entire fragrance line which is mostly designer-priced, with the exceptions of some roll-on perfumes, but there’s one product that has an incredibly high value for the price:

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Elizabeth & James Nirvana Fragrance Gift Set

IT Cosmetics at Macy’s

The only IT Cosmetics I’ve ever interacted with was buying a gift for a friend. The Superhero Palette is such an incredibly giftable palette despite the fact that it’s the least superhero-y color range I’ve ever seen. Their concealers, on the other hand, seem to be the true heroes of IT Cosmetics. Rave reviews left and right!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer

IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow Ombre Blush Palette

IT Cosmetics Tightline 3-in-1 Lower Lash Mascara

IT Cosmetics Superhero Liquid Eyeliner

NYX Professional Makeup at Macy’s

As you learned last week in a post about a NYX makeup deal (that’s still going on), there are some crazy discounts happening and, for some reason, a ton of NYX makeup is 50% off. Oh yeah, and remember last year when everyone wanted lip vaults from NYX and they all sold out before Christmas? Well, you’re in for a treat…

NYX 36 Piece Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault
$65 $32.50

NYX Glitter Goals 4 Piece Set
$15 $7.50

NYX In Your Element Metal Makeup Brushes
$35 $17.50

NYX 36 Piece Liquid Suede Lipstick Vault
$65 $32.50

Stila at Macy’s

As one of my OG favorite makeup brands, I love pawing through Stila’s makeup inventory. They’ve had a pretty strange trajectory, especially over the last couple of years. Despite having tons of hit products, they’re not exactly at the forefront of the beauty world. They’re kind of just chillin’ in the back, churning out great stuff and reaping the rewards.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner

Stila 3 Piece Big Shots Liner & Mascara Set

Stila Glitterati Lip Top Coat

Tarte Cosmetics at Macy’s

If you haven’t yet tried Tarte, it’s one of the prestige beauty brands that I actually might recommend shelling out the cash for. Not only is their packaging top notch, but the products are rarely disappointing, unlike some other brands around the same price range. (*cough*Too Faced*cough*) If you pick up only one Tarte item, though, make it the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara!

Tarte Tartelette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette

Tarte 5 Piece Spice Up Your Stare Eyeliner Set

Tarte Little Lash Helper Falsies Applicator

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara – Limited Edition

Urban Decay at Macy’s

Urban Decay is the quintessential department store makeup, in my opinion. That impression comes from my childhood, where I would stroll around big department stores while my mom shopped, and I spent a ton of that time looking at Urban Decay makeup.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
$17 $8.50

Urban Decay Brow Box

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner

Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray