Hubble: A New Look at Contacts

After nearly 10 years of wearing glasses, I was fitted for contact lenses my sophomore year in college.  I wore them daily while I had really nice vision insurance through my father (about two years), then transitioned back to glasses as my last set of lenses wore so thin that I couldn’t even pretend they were passable anymore.  The departure was a bummer, but I actually really enjoy wearing glasses, so I haven’t given more than a passing thought of being fitted again until recently.  That, and contacts are expensive. So expensive.

I started getting ads for Hubble Contacts via Facebook late last year, and it piqued my interest.  Cheap disposable contacts, delivered to my house monthly as a subscription service?  For $30? Potentially being able to buy cute sunglasses on a whim again?  I waffled about it for a while, because even $30 monthly is an expense for me that can be avoided by my stack of glasses from Firmoo, until I found the offer that tipped the scale:

Hubble Contacts will send you fifteen pairs of contacts for just the cost of shipping, which is roughly $3.  Really.

Hubble Contacts brand boxes

Hubble’s angle is that the contact industry in North America is cornered by 4 major companies who can inflate their prices at will, causing consumers to either spend too much money or risk their vision by holding on to old contacts for too long.  Hubble paired with St. Shine, an FDA approved manufacturer in Taiwan, to craft a business model and a contact lens that would shake up the industry and create a more financially accessible way for consumers to buy contacts.

All you need to get started with Hubble is a current vision prescription.  Hubble will verify your prescription with your optometrist or, if you don’t have a current prescription, they’ll help you book an appointment. In a few days, they ship you your trial package and you’re ready to go.

Hubble Contacts delivery

I got my contacts in the mail less than a week after requesting them, which is respectably quick! They’re well packaged and the packaging is super cute and modern, as well as completely recyclable.

Each box, as well as the pod for each individual contact, is marked with the prescription.  Since I have two different prescriptions, the boxes for mine were also different colors, which is a nice touch considering I can’t read the numbers on the pods without the contacts that live inside of them.  What a catch 22.

Packs of Hubble Contacts

Overall, I like them.  They get the job done, though they do tend to make my eyes feel a little bit drier than other contacts I’ve worn in the past.  They’re also much thinner than other contacts I’ve worn, which makes it slightly more difficult to tell if one of your lenses has turned inside out before popping them in. I’ve never worn dailies, so it’s also possible that my past experiences with weeklies present a bias here.

Hubble Contacts lens container

An unexpected perk of dailies for me was the ability to ditch them as needed, too. Like, say you’re on a six hour road trip and it’s 2 a.m. and you’ve been awake 20 hours and you feel like your contacts are fusing to your eyes for no reason other than exhaustion.  It’s in that moment that the backup glasses can come out of your bag and you can ditch your contacts in the sink of the gas station bathroom.  An oddly specific and not at all personal anecdote, of course.  But I’m used to having to cherish every pair like they’re spun gold, and having dailies is nice in that regard.

Hubble Contacts boxes

I don’t think I’ll be making the swap to full time contacts anytime soon, but Hubble Contacts provide a great alternative even if you are. 

For $30 monthly, you receive 30 pairs of daily contacts.  It’s super easy to manage your subscription, too.  I have received two full months of contacts but have only used maybe 7 pairs of them, so I was able to simply pause my subscription until I need more. I’m largely impressed with how efficient and seamless my entire Hubble experience was.

Interested? Subscribe to Hubble Contacts today to get your first 15 pairs free!

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