The Onslaught of Newness at Colourpop

Within the last couple of months, Colourpop has been busy. Shortly after their partnership with Sephora began, they released several new products from their HQ, available only on Colourpop’s website.

Everything from eyeshadow palettes to completely new products have hit the digital shelves at Colourpop, and they’re worth looking at. I’ve picked up a few of the new releases, but others are still on my wish list.

In this post, I’m posting a bunch (like, a bunch) of the new releases in case you haven’t been obsessively following Colourpop’s ascension into ubiquity. Also included are some excellent examples of the new products in action, demonstrated by emerging Instagram makeup artists.

Here are 3 Months of New Colourpop Releases

Concealer, $6

Images: Colourpop & @soanyrivera

Right off the bat, Colourpop let loose a concealer – their first pigmented complexion product. There are tons of rumors as to how similar Colourpop’s concealer formula was to that of the simultaneously released (and frequently Colourpop-associated) Kylie Cosmetics.

I was lucky in my color selection (you can only buy it online – crapshoot!) when I picked this up for myself. It’s actually a really surprisingly nice concealer that works okay as an eyeshadow base. That’s kind of my criteria for great concealers – no creasing, and great eyeshadow base. The best part about it is the applicator, though! It’s a gigantic, floppy doe foot that makes it super easy to apply.

Supernova Liquid Eyeshadow, $7

Images: Colourpop & @brunabragadecarli

This is the only other item from this list that I own and, guys, it’s really fun. The Supernova Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows come in a ton of shades (there were only 5 when I bought “Firecracker”) and they’re beginning to venture into duochrome shades.

Sound familiar? Maybe a little like Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow which I have been lusting over for actual years? Well, you’re onto something, because these are pretty similar. They’re less glittery than Stila’s original, but the metallic payoff of the Colourpop shadow is as intense as the glitter payoff from Stila’s. You can easily apply and quickly blend out the shadow before it sets. Some people have noticed that the formula flakes off, but I haven’t had that experience.

Luster Dust, $8

Images: Colourpop & @bri_lioness

Here we have Colourpop’s first loose highlighter, Luster Dust. If you are looking for a natural, glossy sheen – this ain’t the product for you. Luster Dust is packed with pearl tones and high-shine glitter, and it looks blinding on the skin.

Colourpop also suggests using it as a lip topper or body highlight due to the wattage you get from a tiny amount of product. Currently, there are only three shades available, but I predict a shade expansion in the future.

Lux Lipstick, $7

Images: Colourpop & collage of Alissa Ashley by @pastelpink_hair

Lux Lipsticks might be the most recent release from Colourpop, and I’m guessing that due to the fact that they’re currently all sold out. Not to worry, though, Colourpop has plans for a restock and their first bullet lipstick will be back in all 24 shades.

To see a quick’n’dirty sampling of the shades they offer in this line, check the header image of this post. You’ll see the adorable stars Colourpop has stamped into the side of every Lux Lipstick, as well as the high-end packaging they’ve employed for the line. The lipstick, itself, is said to be smooth, buttery, and long-wearing though it won’t set down like the vast majority of their other lipstick offerings. They are, however, matte to semi-matte!

Colourpop Highlighters & Highlight Palettes

Legit AF Highlight Trio, $24 $19

Images: Colourpop & @shelby_jewell_hairstylist

As far as new Colourpop highlighters go, this trio is at the top of my list. I’m already a sucker for Super Shock _____ products, and these three look beautiful. Included in the trio are “Over the Moon,” an iridescent pink, “Spoon,” a pearly silver, and “Wisp,” a golden champagne.

The base tones of these make them versatile across many skin tones. They’re either set in a nude base or a clear base, so the risk of a white cast on darker skin tones is a lot lower.

In-Nude-Endo, $18

Images: Colourpop & @misscannibella

These next two pressed powder highlight palettes are Colourpop’s answer to the Glow Kit. In-Nude-Endo is the more naturally glowy of the two, having plenty of nudes, softness, and golden tones within it. As you can see, it’s a very gleamy highlight that is highly reflective and buildable.

Gimme More, $18

Images: Colourpop & @kandice.mua

Gimme More, on the other hand, is the more bright, vibrant, and bold of the two highlight palettes. It’s an impeccable highlight palette for people with darker complexions, as the colors are really done justice on deeper skin. That being said, if you’re fair and love glittery or pearly blush, this is an awesome and fun palette for you.

All of these shades are warm-toned, though, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on picking either of these palettes up!

Colourpop Eyeshadow Palettes

You know, I’m not even sure this is all of the eyeshadow palettes that Colourpop has released over the last three months, but it’s damn close. Each one is packed with 12 individual pans of Colourpop’s ultra-popular pressed eyeshadow. As far as I can tell, these babies perform really well, and for only a few dollars each with a discount when you buy them in a palette, it’s a pretty big deal for makeup lovers.

You Had Me at Hello, $18

Images: Colourpop & @elvayeh_

I Think I Love You, $16

Double Entendre, $16

Images: Colourpop & @froberrypie

Dream St., $16

Images: Colourpop & @ichieh_makeup

Yes, Please!, $16

Images: Colourpop & @isabelle.anna

Give It To Me Straight, $16

Images: Colourpop & @makeup_mars

Whew, that’s a lot of products.

Which ones are you most interested in? Have you bought any new releases lately?

Probably watching Netflix.