The Ultimate Gift: Dual Marshalls Shopping Sprees

She’s the Ann Perkins to my Leslie. My little illuminated squeak toy, my asparagus-flavored water peddler, my super buddy who also suffers the daily setbacks (and let’s be real, advantages) of Chronic Bitch Face. I chose to give this Marshalls shopping spree to my amazing friend who, in the extremely-crappy-est parts of my life recently has been a little beacon of light, full of validating bitterness and overwhelmingly charming curmudgeonry.

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Sustainable Shopping Holiday Challenge

Do you know what bums me out? Gift guides. Having been a blogger for almost a decade, I’ve seen many

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Building Gift Baskets with TJ Maxx, Home Goods & Marshalls

TJX asked me to use their three stores to come up with gifts for people in my life that I don’t know. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods are ideal sources for gifts that are special and interesting, but are also general enough to be appealing to all kinds of people. Personally, I love creating gift baskets, full of small, less expensive items that makes the gift seem like a bag of never-ending loot.

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