POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox November Unboxing: Winter Entertaining

Another month, another exciting POPSUGAR Must Have box! The November edition is all about entertaining and enjoying the wintry season.

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The Ultimate Gift: Dual Marshalls Shopping Sprees

She’s the Ann Perkins to my Leslie. My little illuminated squeak toy, my asparagus-flavored water peddler, my super buddy who also suffers the daily setbacks (and let’s be real, advantages) of Chronic Bitch Face. I chose to give this Marshalls shopping spree to my amazing friend who, in the extremely-crappy-est parts of my life recently has been a little beacon of light, full of validating bitterness and overwhelmingly charming curmudgeonry.

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Sustainable Shopping Holiday Challenge

Do you know what bums me out? Gift guides. Having been a blogger for almost a decade, I’ve seen many

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Graphic Tee Club: Superhero Tees & Tanks from BioWorld

While shuffling through the clearance section at Macy’s, I couldn’t help but notice… there were more superheroes than normal. (Graphic t-shirts,

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It’s Mug Season! 6 Budget-Friendly Mugs

After a summer full of droughts and heat waves, Earth sure didn’t waste any time transitioning from brain melting to bone chilling, did it? I’ve been drowning myself in hot coffee every morning, not just because of my extreme addiction to caffeine, but because it’s frequently better than wearing 4 sweatshirts.

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