Welcome to Gift Card Week!

Happy Gift Card Week, everyone! Okay, this time, I am actually making up a shopping holiday – or in this

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Nab Beautiful Patterned Bedding Now While It’s 40% Off at Target

Picking bedding is a huge deal, and can make or break the look of a room. Even the dowdiest patterns, in the right setting, can look gorgeous. Expensive, high-design bedding can look super dull and boring. Busy or loud patterns look warm and inviting… Environment is everything!

I’m a fan of quilts and comforters that speak volumes, but still make sense when it’s paired with the colors and objects around it. Maybe it’s the focus of the room, but a good, vibrant bedding set doesn’t look out of place, no matter how loud it is.

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Review: Tuft & Needle, Affordable Ethical Mattresses

My boyfriend found Tuft & Needle by Googling the phrase “Warby Parker for mattresses.” I’m not sure what led him to do this, but when you see their website it totally makes sense. Clean and beautiful web design, low prices–and, if you check their Amazon pages, one of the best-reviewed products out there. A Tuft & Needle mattress became part of our “dream apartment” that we’d have someday–a realistic goal, since the price is right.

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