The Cheapest Things that Oprah Loves in 2017

Every year, Oprah releases her gift guide: a long list of exciting products that she likes to call Oprah’s Favorite Things. I’m always eager to sift through to find the “favorite things” that are, like, affordable at all.

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Intelligent Blends is Making Single Serve Coffee Smarter

Depending on how long you’ve followed me, you may or may not know how reliant I am upon America’s favorite

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Get Select Lodge Cast Iron for a Total Steal on Amazon

Lodge Cast Iron is the best cast iron you can get for your dollar, and one of the few companies who make their cast iron pans in the USA! Right now, Amazon has a ton of pans and dutch ovens on sale for under $20.

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35+ Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Find In Stores Now

We have 35+ amazing, affordable Mothers Day gifts for those of you who forgot! The best thing about this list is that everything is under $25! The *second-best* thing about this list is that you can find EVERYTHING in a store near you, aka no shipping-related charges or anxiety!

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