[Dedicated] Turtle Shell 2.0: Personalized Sound for Music Lovers

The Turtle Shell 2.0 has become a favorite of listeners who like to hear their tunes indoors and out. This product offers personalized sound and looks good while doing it. Because it’s easy to move around, it’s the perfect gadget for music lovers on the go. Because it’s waterproof, it can head down to the beach with swimmers and surfers. Outdoorsmen (and women!) can take the rugged Bluetooth speaker hiking, camping, and bicycling.

Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Boombox


Color Choices

What’s your favorite color? No matter what your answer is, chances are good that there is a Turtle Shell for you in your preferred hue. Match your eyes, match your outfit, or just select one that suits your style. Choices include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Electric Blue
  • Red
  • Sea Foam Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green

Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

Cool Design

The Turtle Shell 2.0 has a cool eye-catching design that looks like, well, a turtle shell! But not just an average reptile’s shell, this Bluetooth speaker has a geometric flair that makes it look ultra-modern. The surface is rubberized, dust-proof, and resistant to water. It’s only 2.1 inches by 5.6 by 3.9, so easy to tote around. Other remarkable design features include:

  • Covered panel for housing USB jack for charging
  • Play/Pause/Pairing controls located along the side
  • Easy to access volume buttons and track navigation
  • Two drivers that face upward under the speaker grill
  • Bass housed in the bottom portion
  • Built-in mic for answering your smartphone

Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

Great Performer

Not only is the Turtle Shell 2.0 attractively designed, convenient to carry around, and available in a slew of colors, it also performs exceedingly well. No matter whether you like to listen to jazz, rock, or classical music, you will be impressed with the quality of sound. This Bluetooth speaker can crank out loud tunes without distortion, yet play softer songs with subtlety and finesse. After this device is fully charged, you’ll be able to hook up to any Bluetooth capable device and listen to your personal music library for 16 hours. Listen to it anywhere, such as:

  • Your boat
  • Inside your tent
  • On your golf cart
  • At the pool
  • On your bicycle
  • Under a beach umbrella
  • While hiking on your favorite trail
  • In your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or garage

You might not be able to stop at one Turtle Shell 2.0. After hearing the excellent sound quality and experiencing the convenience of these portable, personalized speakers, you might decide to buy one in every color. Luckily, these Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive enough for you to collect the whole set.

Charitable Accessories: BANDED Headbands

If you’ve read B&B for longer than a few months, you may have picked up on my extreme appetite for charitable, do-gooder brands. I am weak in the knees for environmental consciousness in the fashion industry, and I brake for social activists. Over the last five years, I have seen the rise of the soapbox generation of commerce – brands who are smart enough to build a booming business that also benefits people in need.

Banded Charitable Headbands - Black Luxe

I have the kind of hair that begs for headbands. It’s mildly frizzy, but exceptionally curly, and has no real sense of direction (much like myself). There are so many photos of my face, surrounded by a mushroom cloud of wisps – or whatever your mom called them to make you feel better about never having smooth hair.

Banded Headbands - Charitable Fashion Accessory

When I discovered BANDED, or BANDED2GETHER, I was really into their designs but, as with every elastic-back headband company, I was wary. I’ve had too many elastic headbands wind up around my ponytail or worse, on the ground moments after I toil over its perfect placement. I’ve been burned. Bad.

The designs were enough to interest me, but it was Banded’s socially-conscious mission that hooked me and convinced me to risk my heart on another elastic headband.

Banded2Gether Charity Designer Headbands

Top to bottom: 1″ Blood Orange Cosmos, Skinny Rose Weave, Luxe Black Chic (not yet available)

For each headband sold, Banded gives three meals to Uganda’s children in need through their partnership with Amazima Ministries.

Amazima Africa


Banded - Banded2Gether Headbands - Benefits Uganda

1 band = 3 meals.

That is a pretty sweet deal, and they work in such close proximity with Amazima Ministries that I feel like they’re really invested in this cause – it’s not just a sad marketing ploy to gain customers.

So not only does BANDED provide an amazing humanitarian service to people in need, but I feel comfortable saying they’ve also perfected the no-slip headband. 

BANDED Headbands - 1 Headband = 3 Meals for Uganda

The underside of each headband is lined in velvet (yum?!), and oddly enough, that’s what makes these gorgeous headbands so thoroughly no-slip.

My experience proved their claim: it did not move around on my head, and I wore these for hours at a time. I wore them with ponytails, top knots, and with my hair down, just to make sure I covered all my bases. Needless to say I am impressed!

Banded Headbands - Black Beaded Luxe

BANDED headbands come in three sizes: skinny, wide and 1 inch. Each style has dozens of designs to choose from. BANDED also has a luxury line, Luxe, which include the black, beaded headband I got to wear, as well as some other more intricate and flashy designs. I would recommend looking through their catalogue!

As for the price – it’s more than fair. Ridiculous, really, considering that each headband you buy, again, contributes 3 meals to children in Uganda.

BANDED prices start at $9.98 per headband.

The Luxe line is a little more expensive, around $20, obviously due to the finer materials involved, and the wide headbands are $12.98… But that’s it. Those are the price variations. $9.98, $12.98, a few for $19.98 and a few for $24.98.

BANDED isn’t a one-trick pony, of course. In addition to their brilliant fabric headbands, they also offer a wide array of fabric hair ties (you know the ones), five for $6.98. If you’re looking for a special pattern or color, they also do custom orders! 

(A)DD: Faux Leather Tuxedo Blazer

If you’ve ever wished that you had a piece of clothing in your closet that instantly added a little bit of Sharon Stone in the 1990s to whatever you’re wearing, I’ve got great news for you. 

Mossimo Faux Leather Tuxedo Jacket


…Target’s got a faux leather trim tuxedo jacket for you for only $20.

It looks intimidating, but I assure you that it looks a lot more “appropriate” when you put it on a real body and a lot less “biker business babe.” (But you could totally make it biker business babe if you wanted to. Just keep rollin’ with the Sharon Stone vibe until you hit a dead end.)

If it’s too much faux leather for you, that’s okay. It seems like Target kind of prepared for that, because they offer two of the four colors sans leather sleeves.

Mossimo Faux Leather Sleeve Tuxedo JacketThe material that isn’t faux leather is a soft knit blend that has some stretch to it, but holds its shape really well and won’t shrink up on you (with proper washing, of course!). Those strong seams you see curving through the bust and waist are a good sign that this jacket has a really flattering fit that planned on you having curves – something many suit jackets do not do!

Check it out!: Mossimo Faux Leather Tuxedo Jacket, was $34.99 now $20 at Target

Yes, you can machine-wash this – in fact, it says specifically not to dry clean it…? That’s a new one on me!


(A)DD: Daniel Rainn Kensington Top

Some things don’t really appear impressive until you really get up close. This happens with clothing a lot, which makes shopping online kind of a constant challenge.

Take this shirt for instance:

Daniel Rainn Kensington Top

This is bound to be a good shirt. It’s attractive, has interesting features, and I like how the fabric hangs… But otherwise it’s a pretty basic top.

But it isn’t! It’s awesome! And the only way I would ever know that is through this glorious, gigantic zoom feature. Then, those gorgeous, all-lace sleeves I love so much finally come to life.

Daniel Rainn Kensington Top

Thank goodness for hi-res images, am I right?

The lace comes further down the chest than I’m used to, which is a cool compliment to the longer-than-average sleeves. Dirty ivory is the perfect color for this top, and this top is perfect for my closet…

Check it out!: David Rainn Kensington Top, was $79 now $24.99 at Piperlime

The model on the Piperlime page has this partially tucked into jeans, and it looks amazing. I also think that this would be gorgeous with something a little less clean – maybe some distressed burgundy jeans, or something with faded stripes.

Graphic Tee Club: Typography Edition

Something unusual has been happening to my taste in graphic t-shirts lately: I have been into text graphics.

Usually, these annoy the crap out of me. I don’t want to read your t-shirt! I don’t want to identify you by the words you purchased in t-shirt form to wear on your person! But for some reason, I’ve been coming across shirts that don’t really bother me that much.

In fact, I like them. (I have a cold, could this be responsible?)

So, Graphic Tee Club will be full of literal x’s and o’s today, but probably more o’s.

Ten Sixty Sherman "Life's Too Short" Graphic Tee

Ten Sixty Sherman “Life’s Too Short” Tee, $24 at Nordstrom
See? The shirt’s not wrong! Boring clothes are so Zzzzzzzzz. I’m not sure that this shirt is the solution – it’s Courier on white, for goodness sake! – but it would definitely be cute peeking out underneath a cool jacket or crew neck cardigan.

J. Crew Tout Va Bien Tee

J. Crew Tout a Bien Tee, was $45 now $24.99 at J. Crew
Just so you don’t end up like those people with the bad Kanji tattoos – tout va bien is French for “all is well.” A pretty easy statement to wear, I think! This shirt is linen, too, so all is definitely well if you want a moderately luxurious fabric to lounge around in.

Volcom Lose Your Mind Tee

Volcom Feathered Rad Lose Your Mind Tee, $22 at Nordstrom
I’ve always had a soft spot for hand-drawn fonts (graphic design nerds, you feel me!), and something about this almost-perfect typography really got me. It’s more picture than text, in a lot of ways.

Marilyn Monroe Mugshot Tee

Rebel Marilyn Mugshot Tee, $24.50 at Macy’s
I’m not obsessed with Marilyn, but I can’t resist this mugshot t-shirt. The “Rebel” text is just obscured enough that I don’t feel like an extra in an Alloy catalogue (read: 14 years old) but I love the uneven lines and, of course, the fake army ID for Marilyn Monroe!

Most Wanted Outlaw Guess Tee


GUESS Cap-Sleeve Outlaw Tee, $24.50 at Macy’s
This shirt is almost a bit too cheesy, even for me! But I love a badass babe (my Tumblr is pretty much exclusively badass babes) and a little country western rebellion is no exception…

Golden Luck Trading Company Tee

Lucky Brand Golden Luck Trading Company Tee, was $39.50 now $19.99 at Macy’s
For something a little less “text in your face” and a bit more abstract, Lucky offers us this Japanese-inspired graphic. I dig the watercolor style and the – surprise – faded, handwritten typography.

Ralph Lauren Tiger Head Baseball Tee

Ralph Lauren Tiger Head Baseball, was $39.50 now $24.99 at Ralph Lauren
Here you go, militant typography-tee haters: your text-free graphic tee. I guess I must have a thing for tiger heads? This is not only a baseball tee, but the vintage-style graphic is really wearable. I think adding all that weird jewelry is unnecessary, but the tee is awesome on its own, or dressed up… in a different way. No offense, model. We know it wasn’t your choice.

I am thinking of clearing out some room in my graphic t-shirt shelf to make some room for new material, so if you find a great one, please send it my way!