Eva Mendes Collection Takes Over NY&Co. & Makes Everything Saucy

Eva Mendes Ny&Co Collection 1

New York & Company has been labeled as kind of the basic b- office job attire HQ, and it’s kept me from shopping there for a while because, well, I’m pretty much as opposite-of-an-office-job as you get. They have well-tailored separates and… Continue Reading

Giveaway! A Free Pair of Glasses or Sunglasses from Firmoo

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-3

This is a giveaway for everyone who “can’t justify” buying themselves a pair of prescription sunglasses, or people who have been wearing the same pair of glasses for almost a decade because “they still work.” This is your chance to… Continue Reading

Bed Coats & Kimono Cardigans for Summertime Sun Armor

Full Tilt Floral Kimono Jacket

Obviously, sunscreen is the most important part of your outdoor experience during the summer. But no matter how much sunblock you glob onto your arms and shoulders, it doesn’t keep the sun from beating down directly onto your skin like a blanket made of bees. Covering up is coincidentally crucial in the summertime, and while sweaters and jackets are out of the question, silk robes and bed coats aka “kimono cardigans” are the perfect weight. Continue Reading

Would You Wear: Off-Shoulder?

Winona Edward Scissorhands

All of these within-my-lifetime style revivals are throwing me for a loop. I remember flipping through the pages of delia*s and Alloy catalogues, looking at the different ways to start expressing yourself by showing skin – 80% of which I was… Continue Reading