Open Enrollment Giveaway – Happy ACA Enrollment Day!

The Affordable Care Act is in danger. The advertising budget has been cut by 90%, and the White House is hoping that fewer signups will bolster their claims that it should be repealed. We’re not interested in partaking in that, and we think we might have found a way to help.

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Class of 2007: Drugstore Beauty from High School That I Still Use Today

Drugstore makeup has been serving me well since the dark ages of high school and beyond. Here are a few products that I can’t (and won’t) stop using.

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My 10 Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks of 2017

Well, in May it was my birthday, and for what was my 32nd birthday, I would like to give one of you guys my 10 favorite lipsticks and lip products, gratis. This blog has been fun exclusively because of the people that read it. I’m serious! It’s like I’m extending my birthday to you in addition to extending it over two months. Cute, right?

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