Bombsheller Halloween Collection & Leggings Review

Bombsheller has at least one design for every type of Halloween lover. And many of these designs would be way easy to incorporate into a grown-ass goth’s year-round wardrobe. The pair the I got, #SkullPile, definitely fits into that category. (And sometimes, so do I.)

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Indie Beauty: It’s Halloween at Shiro Cosmetics & Detrivore!

Indie beauty brands continue to define the spirit of the season, and Shiro Cosmetics never misses the chance to get

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Indie Beauty: It’s Halloween at Concrete Minerals

Tons of brands are releasing new, spooky products, and Concrete Minerals has gathered all of their Halloween-themed makeup into one tidy collection.

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Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Collection is Your Halloween Glam Toolkit

Before fall even started, Wet n Wild released an entire collection called “Fantasy Makers” full of bold, vivid, edgy drugstore

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Glowcus Pocus: Halloween Cream Highlighter Inspired by Hocus Pocus

The beauty industry loves to release “themed collections” – especially around the holidays. Major beauty brands come out with safe,

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