Underappreciated Albums: Ida Maria, Fortress ‘Round My Heart

Ida Maria is fronted by a punk rock Janis Joplin called, surprisingly, Ida Maria Siversten. She hails from Nesna, Norway, where she picked up guitar as a child and performed concerts by age 14. She escaped her 2,000 population village and fled to Sweden, where she connected with Stefan Tornby, Olle Lundin, and Johannes Lindberg to create the genre-blending band, Ida Maria.

I have an emerging guilty pleasure for heartbreak-driven albums, and Fortress ‘Round My Heart is one for the books. Siversten’s voice sounds like it’s been showered in Lucky Strike and Jack Daniels, and every high note sounds the perfect amount of strained, punctuating the histrionic outpour of occasionally reflective, occasionally passive aggressive, and occasionally just aggressive lyrics.

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