Melissa McCarthy’s Awesome Plus Size Fashion Line with Seven7

In addition to being a top-notch comedienne, screenwriter, producer, and babe, Melissa McCarthy has been designing an eponymous plus size clothing

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I’m Wearing: Something Called “Satin Jean Leggings”

My quest for comfortable-yet-flashy gear has reached a new milestone in its development, and that milestone’s name is satin jean leggings.

Yes, both jeans and leggings – but not jeggings. No, no… not jeggings at all.

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Review: Target’s Xhilaration Jeggings (Really Just Leggings)

Like most women I’m friends with (and some men, let’s be real), I am constantly on the search for the perfect leggings. Many have given up their search, concluding that perfect leggings simply don’t exist. Such a loss of hope has to be devastating, which is why I’m so pleased to tell you – I think I’ve found the perfect leggings.

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