Indie Beauty: It’s Halloween at Concrete Minerals

Tons of brands are releasing new, spooky products, and Concrete Minerals has gathered all of their Halloween-themed makeup into one tidy collection.

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Native Deodorant Review & Earth Day Giveaway

Native doesn’t pretend to know what “rain” smells like. They don’t try to tell you that you’re going to smell like an “afternoon” or a “sunset,” so they definitely won’t try to sell it to you. They don’t have to! They make a super-simple deodorant that is effective, smells awesome, and is made from skin-nourishing ingredients. Three of you could get three tubes for FREE by entering our giveaway!

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On My Shelf: Rose Beauty & Skincare Products

At the end of my 20s, two goals have emerged with a new, fiery importance: keeping my skin in really

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Sustainable Shopping Holiday Challenge

Do you know what bums me out? Gift guides. Having been a blogger for almost a decade, I’ve seen many

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Saison Autumn Skincare Review: Seasonally Organic

Saison is a beauty and skincare brand that uses organic ingredients and botanicals to create season-specific skincare formulas.

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Indie Makeup Review! Limnit Lipsticks, Bold Vegan Lipstick for Just $4.60

When I started researching indie makeup brands about eight months ago, the first one that I fell in love with

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