My Favorite Hi-Top Sneakers for Fall

As far as non-heeled shoes go, my flat of choice is always sneakers. Lately, I’ve been jonesing for a pair of high top sneakers which, thankfully, are bountiful around this time of year due to Back To School season swinging into full effect. I might be 30 and a multi-college drop out, but I am grabbing my sneakers while they are hot – and on sale.

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Nab Beautiful Patterned Bedding Now While It’s 40% Off at Target

Picking bedding is a huge deal, and can make or break the look of a room. Even the dowdiest patterns, in the right setting, can look gorgeous. Expensive, high-design bedding can look super dull and boring. Busy or loud patterns look warm and inviting… Environment is everything!

I’m a fan of quilts and comforters that speak volumes, but still make sense when it’s paired with the colors and objects around it. Maybe it’s the focus of the room, but a good, vibrant bedding set doesn’t look out of place, no matter how loud it is.

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