Would You Wear… Embroidery?

1970s fashion can be summed up nicely in one word: embellishment. If your thing didn’t have a thing on it – why not?! There are sequins, appliques, punk rock patches, and fringe to add to nearly everything you own. If you’re a true ’70s anachronist, though… you’re wearing embroidery.

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Would You Wear: Slide On Sandals?

Were you as confused as I was when the chosen sandals of the summer were the same ergonomic, slide-on sandals responsible for the “Ugly Shoe Phenomenon?” What once were best used as the punchline for every joke about crunchy hippies has now been spray-painted silver and slapped with a multi-hundred dollar price tag. Fashion.

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Would You Wear: Snap Bracelets?

I’m typically okay with “fashion trends” playing roulette with the calendar, and I’ve been alive long enough to have at least 11 of my childhood garments come back into style (and most, right back out again). That accepting and understanding approach stopped completely when Marc Jacobs decided to bring back snap bracelets.

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WYW: Fair Isle

Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique named after an island in the north of Scotland called, well, Fair Isle. The technique is all about knitting in the round using five or so colors (only two per row). The technique wasn’t a big deal until the soon-to-be King Edward VIII started wearing Fair Isle tank tops in 1921. (A side note: Eddie ended up abdicating the British throne so he could marry a twice-divorced American socialite. Fashionable and wild about love: that’s how we like ’em.)

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