Building Gift Baskets with TJ Maxx, Home Goods & Marshalls

TJX asked me to use their three stores to come up with gifts for people in my life that I don’t know. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods are ideal sources for gifts that are special and interesting, but are also general enough to be appealing to all kinds of people. Personally, I love creating gift baskets, full of small, less expensive items that makes the gift seem like a bag of never-ending loot.

On this blog, I’ve mostly covered these stores as amazing fashion destinations, but I’m excited to highlight them as the arsenal of gift-giving excellent that they are. So, armed with a gift card and a goal of one gift per store, I set out… right after Thanksgiving. (Oh my.)

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I’m Wearing: My Perfect Black Dress

A long time ago, I developed a wish list of things that I wanted to have in my closet. Instead of trendy exploits and momentary lusts filling the lines, they were all basics. These were the things I looked for whenever a store I loved was having a sale because you never know, and finding these lifelong wish list items is something I’d already accepted would be a rare and beautiful moment. This dress that I picked up from TJ Maxx fits the bill perfectly… Not to mention it’s by a designer that I know I can trust.

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