Moody Blues…

When I was little, I always wanted some bizarre eye color, like violet or green or silver… But, as you probably imagine, I never received such a gift. As I grew older, I developed a much larger appreciation for eye color (and the fact that it’s really the only other color I’ve going on outside of red, brown, and pinky-yellow), especially when it comes to the use of makeup and how they can really pop your eye color if you combine colors “correctly”.

There are a lot of products how there that offer up their versions of “eye popping” color palattes.

If you just want to brighten your eyes, without necessarily slapping a lot of color on there, try e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color in Nouveau for an unbeatable price of $1. I’m not kidding.

For BABY BLUES, like mine, you’ll want to stick with soft, soft, soft blue colors and – your new best friend – copper/brown. Almay’s famous Intense i-Color Shadow Trio give you the perfect blend, and it’s worth it at only $5.22.

A great shade for you bluesies is (as previously stated) copper-y bronze, like this one from TheBalm called ShadyLady Eyeshadow in “Shameless Shana”. Weird name, beautiful color, okay price at $15.

For BROWN-EYED GIRLS (or boys, I don’t discriminate), the colors that’ll really pop your warm-colored eyes is plum/violet shades mixed with warm taupes and sienna colors. The brown tones in this Revlon Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow in “Not Just Nudes!” ($5.39) would be perfect paired with the Revlon Color-Stay 12-Hour Eyeshadow in Berry Bloom ($6.29).


And lastly, HAZEL and GREEN-EYED BEAUTIES can share color palattes, so if you’ve got a roomie who you could split makeup costs with – go for it! You also get to fall in love with lavender hues, as well as jade-toned eye color, too. The above lavender/plum palatte will be perfect for you, but with the addition of something with colors similar to Rimmel Colour Rush Trio in Tempting ($4.99).

Don’t forget the mascara (see my feelings on the brand at my Cheap Eye Makeup article!), and a light dusting of translucent powder will set it for all-day wear.


Probably watching Netflix.

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