A Cause Worth Fighting For

I stumbled upon this campaign on StyleDash and absolutely had to participate.

Can you imagine an un-photoshopped magazine cover on a fashion rag? I can’t, because I’ve never seen one! As a fashion photographer, it sickens me to see the nearly translucent skin on whatever celebrity is dramatically draped across the cover of the latest Vogue (worst offender, in my opinion). Young women all over the world look to these magazines for inspiration, fashion, and beauty – but what they get in return is a physically impossible image of “what’s beautiful this month”, and its not getting any better.

While these magazines cover issues of unrealistic beauty standards, they continue to perpetuate their skewed mentality.

These magazines are meant to be inspiring and empowering, but instead they’re imposing a false standards for the physical form which doesn’t help the self-esteem of 13-16 25 year old girls who aspire to be beautiful, but are told by these magazine covers that its impossible for them to be.

Want to join the fight? Here’s the info:

Get on the good train. Choo, choo!


Probably watching Netflix.

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