Celebrity Ripoff: Katie Holmes @ Joan’s

Yellow! Again! Just like my coveted Betsey Johnson dress… I’m a really huge fan of the whole Black + Yellow bumblebee thing, so this is right up my alley!

Now let’s get to the rip-off.

I’ve changed “____ Rip-Off” to incorporate two price ranges, because I’ve been hearing that not all of you beauties are… broke-broke (hail Kanye!), but just… frugal. So, instead of ditching the broke-art-student-eating-beans-and-rice support, I’m just going to make two. :)

Rip-off #1 – Kinda Broke!

Katie Holmes Rip-off: Kinda Broke

Star! Michael Kors Michael Belted Trench $180 $108 Star! J Brand Bardot High Rise 12″ Pencil Leg Jean $187 Star! Autumn Cashmere Cotton Striped Deconstructed Top $92 $55 Star!
Mia “Godiva” Heels in Black
$70 Star! Old Navy Leather Cross-Body Tote in Khaki $58

Ripoff #2: BROKE Broke!

Katie Holmes Rip-off: BROKE Broke!

Star! Michael Kors Michael Belted Trench $180 $108 Star! Delia*s Morgan Low-Rise Skinny $39.50 Star! Charlotte Russe Stripe Tunic $16.99 Star! Charlotte Russe Patent Platforms $26.99 Star! Khaki Oversize Tote $18.99

Sorry for the double-Michael-Kors trench! It was easily the best option, and quality is always prevalent.

I think yellow is going to be huge this spring, so try out this trench (and those sexy patent platforms!) and take a risk.


Probably watching Netflix.

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  • May 12, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Less rumours regarding Katie Holmes being pregnant! Simply because she is dressed in baggy clothes might just signify that she really wants to feel comfortable.

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