I Gave In!: Gladiator Sandals

In times of struggle to avoid super-fads, I usually excel at persevering against even the most appealing trends…

But I was gobbled up by the ease, aesthetic and appeal of the infamous gladiator sandals.

Certainly, I’m in no shape to rock the boots a la Balenciaga, but little flat ones to wear with jeans and dresses? I think so.

(Please ignore my need-to-be-done pedicure!)

I’ll just cover them for you. :)

Oh, but do please excuse my inability to correctly buckle my left shoe.

Aren’t they GREAT? They’re by NYLA and I found them at Marshall’s for only $24.99!

However, if they’re not at Marshall’s that’s closest to you, they are on Endless.com… For $59.95. Super bargain on my part!

They’re super comfortable, too! I can’t wait to wear them with skirts, jeans, dresses… I’m excited, are you?

Here are the Endless versions:

N.Y.L.A. Women's Hassan Sandal
N.Y.L.A. Women’s Hassan Sandal

PS – If you’re into Marshall’s as much as I am, you should join their What’s In community! My forum/blog name is MissElle, shocking isn’t it?

Tell me what you think about my new kicks in the comments!

Taking a walk on the… Roman side?


  • OH MY GOD. My floor is filthy! Please ignore, please ignore!


  • Chelsea Rae

    That is such an awesome deal, over half off. That’s why I love Marshall’s and TJMaxx (considering they’re the same company), because you can find great things for so cheap, but my only complaint about the store is they’re so cluttered I get shopping anxiety.

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