Warehouse Sale Aftermath!

I was graciously invited to attend the warehouse sale at with my mother and my sister, Cleary.

I’m too tired to take photos of the shoes I bought, but I’ll get off my butt and show you anyway!

Shoe #1: MIA Leather Peep-toe Mary-Janes

CUTE, HUH? Here they are on my long-time-since-I’ve-painted-their-nails feets:

They are SO COMFORTABLE. I can’t even begin to tell you. And the heel is thick enough to allow me to almost jog… Not that I plan on jogging. Ever, if I can get away with it.

The price? $30. You heard!

Shoe #2: Via Spiga Green Satin Slingbacks

Once again, on my feets, don’t make fun of the fake Blue Satin chipped nail polish.

Nevermind, you can’t even see my toes. Oh well! JEALOUS!? No?… Oh.

Well, fine. Price? $50. Now are you?


  • Ooh, I love the green ones!

  • Glad you enjoyed the warehouse sale so much! There is another one in the works for this fall.


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  • The next warehouse sale is coming at the end of April! Look for notifications on our site soon!