Thursday Delicacies! 4.2.08

4.2.08 Thursday

1. spring blossoms, 2. Asparagus Salad, 3. Wig 14, 4. rollade ham (vegetarian), 5. The Chicago Slushie, 6. { its not a bag …

Star! Spring is coming!
Finally I can step outside in open-toed heels and not freeze to death! Also, my backyard is starting to flourish with lots of dogwood and ferns while the ducks that live in my pond are makin’ some babies!! Yay!

Star! A Month without Meat
It’s a lot less painful than you’d think, to be honest. I’ve been born and raised with steak and chicken, but know that my body doesn’t really like it. It’s so heavy and weight-y. Plus it usually takes all the attention away from the wonderful veggies that live everywhere (except on a steak!).

Star! Bring a Broke Gourmet
Take this as a hint, my dears! I love making a pile of food that looks like it cost $40 to make, but knowing that it totaled out to $7.58 and will feed me for DAYS! Stay tuned for new B&B features!

Star! Meeting Stylish Babes from my Soon-To-Be Hometown!
Since I’m moving to Chicago later this year (for school), I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to establish some connections with fashion bloggers over in the midwest. I’ve never even been to the city, so I’ll be one lost puppy unless I make some allies now! Best girl yet: Monica from! What a dish!

What are you loving today?

Probably watching Netflix.