Dress Your Blogger – My First Meme

I’m not usually one to do “memes” on my blog, but I figured that if I made one, it would be acceptable. I don’t know where the word “meme” came from but, not only is it annoying, but I can never be sure that I’m saying it right – which makes it more annoying.

I’ve decided to dream-dress my favorite bloggers. All day, while I’m working, I get to listen to extremely articulate, interesting, beautiful, and creative women expound on various fashion subjects (mixed with delicious snippets about their amazing lives) through my Twitter feed. Every so often, in my daily online shopping experience, I’ll come across a garment that just instantly brings on of their shining faces to the front of my mind, and I always feel silly telling people “Oh, you should tooootally wear this” and my website is my safe haven – why not use it for my deepest secrets? (Dressing up bloggers shouldn’t be a “deepest secret”, but I’m trying to amp up the antici….)


Though this may very well be Broke & Beautiful (it may very well be! POSSIBLY!), all bets are off when it comes to the price in this little game. I want my favorite bloggers to be in the BEST of the best.

First up, Ashe Mischief. If you don’t read this girl’s blog – you ought to be. From travel tips to the latest architectural design elements of an indie designer… You’ll never get bored. Ashe is a vibrant girl with so much positive energy, it’s addictive!

For her, I think – as a result of her 80’s obsession – a beautiful, buttery leather jacket in beautiful violet by Diesel, from 80sPurple. She rivals the vibrancy of this jacket, and the cut is so classic… Just like Ashe, herself!

Diesel - Womens Kaled Leather Jacket (Purple)

Next, Mademoiselle Robot. Talk about a complete package… Mme. Robot is the vintage queen, seamlessly incorporating pieces from decades past into fresh new ensembles, while also being an entrepreneur, mom, and general badass.

Mme. Robot looks amazing in, well, just about everything… But when I gazed upon this amazing dress at 25Park, it essentially screamed her name at me. Loudly. The silk tulle, cap sleeves, and beaded yoke are all classic vintage embellishments, but this dress is fresh and new.

See? Most fun meme ever.

On the list next would be business partner and bestie, Jennifer Nicole. I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing me blab on about how great she is, but I can’t help it. The eco-consciousness of this woman is strong – as is her sense of aesthetics.

This girl is at her best when she feels comfortable and good about what she’s wearing. Naturally, my senses took me to the e-doorstep of Stella McCartney. This dress, with it’s beautiful pleating and soft silk, would finally do justice to Jen’s super-hourglass figure. Plus, a classic, cocktail hour dress? Have fun wearing it forever.

Fourth in line is the fabulous Princess Poochie. Now, this meme changes a little bit, because I’m not comfortable dressing Princess Poochie. The only thing I’m comfortable giving to Poochie is shoes; dozens of them, to be exact. She is my end-all, be-all when it comes to shoes. She’s got the taste, the knowledge, the creativity, and the sheer passion that makes her blog, Hello, Lover… (Shoe Daydreams) an awesome, necessary read.

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For her… I admit, it was tough. Knowing her perfect taste in shoes, I’m almost nervous to suggest something. But! The meme must go on, and thusly, I have chosen these Lanvin, art-deco heels for their funkiness, and their femininity. The conical heel is ultra saucy, while the patent black says “Hey, bitch. I’m an authority on shoes. Back off.”

(For the record, this girl is “so shoes” that when you google “Princess Poochie” and look at images… all you see is shoes.)


Last, but CERTAINLY not least… My darling Sarah from StyleIT. If there’s a girl who knows tenacity, and knows fashion from all angles (cosmetics, design, aesthetics, etc.) – it’s Sarah. She’s hilarious, extremely sweet, and totally ready to take on the world!

This is a girl who knows her makeup. She always looks flawless, and completely put together. She can rock a hot, HOT pink lip like no one I’ve ever seen, and she knows it!

What better way to cap off an already-perfect New York City girl’s outfit than an amazing bag? Something from legendary Salvatore Ferragamo would be perfect. It’s classic (check!), clean and smooth (check!), and loud (check!) – all qualities I love about Sarah. Hey, I like my girl loud and clean and smooth – what’s wrong with that?!


So there we have it! 5 of my favorite bloggers, all playing dress-up! You ladies can consider yourself “tagged”, and if you do repost, remember to link back to this post so we can see all the beautiful, dressed up bloggers!


  • Oh fun!!

    eyeliah´s last blog post was Yay for Yoga!

  • THANKS for the reading suggestions- love it!!!

  • Sal

    What a fun idea! And I love all your picks for these fabulous femmes.

    Sal´s last blog post was Outside Input!

  • Ashe Mischief

    I am so stupidly in love with that jacket, you have NO IDEA. It is seriously something that could become a staple in my closet.

    This post is SO cute, and I love it SO much. It totally brightened my morning to be included!

    Ashe Mischief´s last blog post was IFB Presents: Links a la Mode!

  • Super-fun post!

  • Tina Lane

    Ingenious! I am interested in hearing what Princess Poochie thinks about those shoes.

    Tina Lane´s last blog post was Southern Belles: Sex in Kentucky!

  • I’ve been such a dum-dum this past week that I hadn’t checked this until now.

    There are no words for how much I adore all the things you wrote about all of us.


    Hopefully I’ll repay the favor ;)

    Sarah´s last blog post was Save 25% Off Pop Beauty Nail Glam Polishes!

  • Why didn’t I know about this until now!!! I’m such a lame-O! But I love it. Thank you so much!!!!
    .-= Princess Poochie´s last blog ..Hey, Sparkler! What’s So Great About You? =-.

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