Indie Genius: Indipendance

Coffee fits don’t usually send me to interesting, life-enhancing places. Typically, they send me anywhere that a) smells like coffee, b) has actual coffee for sale and c) isn’t a Starbucks. Inside of these places – a number of things: people on laptops, jittery coffee-swindlers, too cool for school baristas… But rarely an amazing, creative designer (at least, as far as I know). My experience today, however, was much different.

After finding a shiny, sparkling, pristine $6.13 in my beloved Paypal account (and the elated, skipping-for-joy reaction that followed), I decided that I deserved a nice, 20 oz. latte. After all, I’ve been nominated for a Bloggie (yes, that was blatant self-promotion), made rent last month, got my cable internet turned back on… It’s been a big week or so! So I put on my big, sexy Hunter boots and sloshed on down to my favorite Metropolis Coffee Co. The way-too-cute barista asked me what I’d like, I told her, yadda yadda, I handed her my Paypal card, ecstatic at the fact that there was actually money on it.

She reveals that she’s been considering getting a paypal card. Red flag #1! Only independent business owners, eBay tycoons or etsy girls use paypal… Sure as shit (sorry, Mom) she’s a jewelry designer! GLEE! This WILL be the best day ever! She promptly gives me jazz hands, and displays this magical, colorful rock garden of jewels she’s got on (literally) each finger.

After further investigation, I find out she’s got an etsy site packed full of amazing pieces! From rings to bracelets to necklaces to earings… Indipendance is the full package.

The creative brainchild of designer Rachel Moore, Indipendance is colorful, yet understated; funky yet necessary… On top of that, each of her pieces have names that are just as creative and perfect as the piece itself. (This means, when you finally give in and purchase one of her unique pieces, you may only refer to it as “Meryl Streep’s Out of Africa Necklace”, or what have you.)

Indipendance Tom Jones is a TIGER Ring

From the site:

Dichroic glass stone set in a simple sterling silver setting is just the thing Tom Jones likes on a lady. ;)

Hi, I’ll take two! The more Tom Jones lovin’ I can get, the better!

Indipendance Smoking Is Bad For You Puffer Necklace

So puff on this!

Might I add that, for all orders, shipping is only $3?

Indipendance Meryl Streep Out of Africa Necklace
$38 $30

It’s natural, but funky-futuristic at the same time… Boho-wear of 2050.

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Last but certainly not least, my favorite of Moore’s pieces:

Indipendance The Fatal Opal Ring

1914 directed by George Melford starring a cast of complete unknowns… this ring will put the film to shame. ;)

I recently told my boyfriend that if he ever proposes to me with a diamond, he’d better be sure to keep the receipt. My favorite stone of all times is the opal – firey, mysterious, magical… 100 times better than a completely transparent diamond. I may just have to snatch this ring up before you all get the chance…

The moral of this story? Be nice to your baristas, they might just share their genius (and their spit-free coffee) with you.


  • I LOVE that tiger ring, so pretty!

  • Karen

    Great jewelry! I like the names, too! (esp. the Puffer necklace)

  • I absolutely adore the opal too, when my family visited Australia I begged them to bring me one back!

    Vixel´s last blog post was The Perfect Nostalgic Night In?!

  • shells

    Her jewellery is stunning! I have a jewellery shop on etsy too – I’m going to have to look her up!